Saudi Arabia's film fund invites global talent to shoot in the Kingdom

Saudi Arabia's film fund invites global talent to shoot in the Kingdom



Ithra Film Production will commission up to five films.

Saudi Arabia's film sector is on fire. The Kingdom's leading production house, Ithra Film Production, has launched a super cool film fund that's all about attracting international filmmakers to shoot fully-financed movies in the country. 

But here's the kicker - it's not just about giving filmmakers a chance to flaunt their talent on a grand stage. This fund offers an opportunity for the untapped talents and crews in Saudi Arabia to unleash their creative prowess and showcase what they're made of to the world. Talk about a win-win situation that sets the industry ablaze with possibility and promise.

Ithra Film Production aims to commission and fund up to five flicks every single year. While the exact amount of funding remains a mystery, one thing's for sure: these films need to do more than just entertain. They've got to contribute to the growth of Saudi Arabia's blossoming film industry.

Speaking during a panel discussion at the Cannes Film Festival, the head of performing arts and cinema at Ithra, Majed Z Samman shared, "By working with local crews, we hope to facilitate an organic process of knowledge transfer and cross-cultural exchange that would elevate the local industry and enrich the global cinematic landscape."

Those interested in seeking commission have until 4 August, 2023 to submit their proposals. An undisclosed panel of Arab filmmakers will be the ultimate judges, holding the power to discover the true talents among all the submissions.

With its diverse landscapes, rich culture and burgeoning film industry, Saudi Arabia has become a magnet for filmmakers seeking new horizons and fresh narratives. From Hollywood blockbusters to Bollywood extravaganzas, the allure of the Kingdom is undeniable. 

Lights, camera, Saudi.

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