Argentinian model Georgina Rodríguez partners with Amara Lenses and Laverne

Argentinian model Georgina Rodríguez partners with Amara Lenses and Laverne



The new Riyadh resident has partnered with Arab-born brands.

The Argentinian model Georgina Rodríguez hasn’t been in Saudi Arabia long, but is already making her mark. She moved to Riyadh with her partner, legendary footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, and the pair have been spotted around the kingdom. Now, the model has been spotted in local fashion and beauty campaigns, as she has been unveiled as the brand ambassador for Amara Lenses and Laverne.

Georgina is the new face of the Arab-born glasses wear company, Amara Lenses. The brand posted a promotional video on Instagram, and she shared: “I’m so happy to be the face of Amara Lenses and it’s been wonderful to work with you.”

Amara Lenses has previously collaborated with influencers in the Middle East, which include Bahraini influencer Zainab Al-Alwan, Egyptian actress Nour Ghandour, Kuwaiti fashion blogger Fouz Al-Fahad, Kuwaiti influencer Fatima Al-Momen, and Saudi Arabian make-up artist Shouq Artist.

Georgina also stars in the latest campaign for the Saudi perfume label, Laverne. In the promotional video, she is shown sitting in a traditional majlis and spraying the perfume on herself. She is asked about what she likes about living in Saudi Arabia. She shares: “I feel very safe in this country and really appreciate its family values” and “the power and magic that is in the Saudi desert is incredible.”

Georgina and Cristiano are not ones to shy away from sharing – Georgina has a Netflix reality TV show called I Am Georgina, and Ronaldo did make a public visit to SushiSamba Dubai, after all. If you want to do Riyadh like Ronaldo & Co, you can now pick up these products and follow our guide to the couple’s favourite hotels, restaurants and more.

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