New Calvin Klein campaign celebrates the Middle East’s creative community

New Calvin Klein campaign celebrates the Middle East’s creative community



The artists include Lana Albeik, Hala Abdullah and Mohammed Alahbabi.

American fashion house Calvin Klein is putting the Middle East in the spotlight. In its latest campaign, the brand is celebrating the GCC’s local creative community. The campaign features the artists Lana Albeik, Hala Abdullah and Mohammed Alahbabi – all dressed in CK.

The Calvin Klein campaign was shot in Dubai, UAE. The concept is all about pushing boundaries, and showcasing individuals who are empowering the next generations.

Hala Abdulla

Saudi Arabian fashion and beauty influencer, Hala Abdullah, is a supporter of women’s rights. She shared: “I feel like we use the word ‘empowerment’ so much, and especially ‘female empowerment.’ We don't need that because we are powerful. It feels like they're trying to tell us, you're not powerful, so we're trying to empower you, with all these campaigns about empowering women. I feel like they should change the word to something else.”

Lana Albeik

Palestinian-Syrian model and filmmaker, Lana Albeik, is based in Dubai. She explained: “I think being part of a community that creates and is present in the digital world allows us to have the starting flame for change.”

Mohammed Alahbabi

Emirati Mohammed Alahbabi is a photographer, filmmaker and visual artist. He added: “I really enjoy being creative with my family members, because it’s like a free comfortable zone that I have and they make it so special. You're sharing your interest and at the same time, you're creating joyful moments with them.”

Calvin Klein's collection is available across the Middle East.

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