Fashion Focus: MCM introduces the “Techno Jungle”

Fashion Focus: MCM introduces the “Techno Jungle”



The concept is a journey to the geomorphic, inspired by the convergence between natural and virtual venues,

For Spring / Summer 2021, German luxury fashion house MCM embarks on a geomorphic journey, introducing its latest campaign entitled “Techno Jungle”. Inspired by the convergence between natural and virtual venues, the presentation conceptualizes the brand’s travel narrative into an augmented safari where the organic meets the digital. MCM introduces a utopian multiverse from lush landscapes and techno tundra to multicoloured cyber-scenery where fantasy and reality coexist.

Continuing the brand’s homage to the hyperreal, the latest campaign illustrates MCM’s DNA of mobility and freedom through dynamically digitized visuals inspired by the elements. From surreal, atmospheric colours to pastelesque earthen tones, the campaign and collection reference African geoscapes, reminiscent of ethereal urban jungles and evergreen oases. Amidst vibrant colourscapes of otherworldly hues, the latest campaign highlights the collection’s multifunctional and multi-occasion designs through diverse environments which balance night with day, stillness with movement and avatar with persona.  

The campaign conceptualizes the collection’s bold designs by celebrating the forerunners who travel their own paths from gravity-defying moves to thought-provoking poses. Presenting a youthful mood and a progressive approach, MCM’s SS21 tribe portray both an arrival and a destination, whose voyages are conveyed by their sublime irreverence. The campaign stars a diverse assortment of artists, skateboarders, and creatives, representing the hungry creative spirit of MCM’s global collective. Aria, Désiré, Yuuki, Aselia, and Debbie are presented in full looks from the collection, depicting a borderless generation of digital travellers inspired by the ebbs and flows of art, music and culture. Through exploration and discovery, MCM becomes the complete embodiment of pioneers who forge their own destinies.  

“Our Spring Summer campaign celebrates the journeys our consumers take across imaginary, physical and digital domains toward new frontiers of self-expression, self-discovery and co-creation within a new universe – a (MCM)verse. This is our Zeitgeist, where past meets future, east meets west, virtual meets physical, and possibility meets reality. Our new space empowers the ways our tribe remain interconnected today, through shared values, attitudes and experiences which transcend borders, timezones, ethnicities and genders.” - Dirk Schönberger, Global Creative Officer, MCM.

Produced with a digital-first approach, the campaign was developed through a collaboration between Berlin-based CGI artist, Manuel Carvalho and photographer Mathilde Agius, who masterminded the CGI-rendered landscapes in partnership with a CGI team who will also be working on the upcoming sequel The Matrix 4. Styled by 032c’s Marc Goehring, the campaign celebrates a convergence of creativity across real and digital realms and a new MCM era.

The Spring/Summer 21 collection celebrates our explorations' icons from virtual and hyperreal worlds, through bold new graphics and silhouettes inspired by our 45-year heritage. 

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