Mask envy is a thing of the past with the new Oakley MSK3

Mask envy is a thing of the past with the new Oakley MSK3



In light of the global pandemic, fashion brands are pivoting products to produce stylish and functional face masks that offer protection and a sense of style. 

For months I've been alternating between disposable masks and re-washable cloth masks decorated with funky designs. On family outings, my children and I select masks that colour coordinate and match. It's a small thing, but it's something that makes living through the ongoing pandemic a little less daunting.

Despite the plethora of masks that have invaded our house since March of last year, clogging up washing machine filters and becoming dislodged in car seats. I've continually struggled with one thing - lens fog. No matter which masks I wear, my glasses are constantly steaming up and leaving me visually impaired, if only for moments at a time.

I was therefore intrigued by the launch of the MSK3 mask from sports brand Oakley, which has been designed with eyewear integration in mind and promises a fog-free experience. Exactly what we'd expect from a brand that has been specialising in eyewear since 1976.

Oakley MSK3 Mask

Packaged in a matte black box, the MSK3 boasts a modern aesthetic with its silicon coating and mesh design. Visually the mask appears a little cumbersome, and as I adjust the plastic and mesh device to my face, I can't help but feel a little like Tom Hardy's character Bane from The Dark Knight Rises. Oakley's first foray into masks is undoubtedly a head-turner due to the sheer amount of real estate it takes up on your face, but the fit is comfortable. Adjustable straps loop easily around the ears, and even when worn for extended periods, I found the mask to remain in place with minimal irritation.

Oakley MSK3 Mask

Oakley has always been at the forefront of performance innovation, and this product is no different. The MSK3 is designed to work seamlessly with your eyewear, fitting snugly upon the face with an integrated seal that is easily adjustable. A filtration system offers two high-performance filter options for added breathability. A disposable filter provides over 95% filtration efficiency of particles down to a size of 0.3 microns, with another reusable filter protecting against air pollutants and dust particles.

I am delighted to experience a fog-free experience over weeks of usage thanks to the MSK3's eyewear channel. A medical-grade silicone gasket that covers the nose area and is designed to provide comfort and an excellent fit with eyewear. An adjustable nosebridge and perimeter gasket create a closed seal, adjusting to a perfect fit.

Oakley MSK3 Mask

The semi-rigid mask body allows the MSK3 to keep its form while providing space to keep the mask filter off your face, ensuring better breathability even when undertaking strenuous activities such as exercise.

Sure the Oakley MSK3 mask turns some heads when we're out and about, thanks to the unique design, but for sheer comfort and the ability to reduce lens fogging - I'm all in. 

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