Ray-Ban's first ever Middle East exclusive is here

Ray-Ban's first ever Middle East exclusive is here



Ray-Ban Legacy showcases both timeless tradition and Arabian artistry.

Striking aesthetics happen when two cultural icons come together. Case in point: Ray-Ban Legacy and Tareq Al Harbi. The former is the first ever Middle East exclusive product created by Ray-Ban, the latter is a Saudi actor and musician famed for his contribution to the region's arts and culture scene.

A closer look reveals why the collaboration makes perfect sense – Ray-Ban has been instrumental in pushing boundaries in music, art and culture since its launch in 1936, with symbolic designs that are instantly recognisable. The recently launched Legacy is a special pair celebrating these creative pillars from the region, whilst combining modernity and heritage into a classic Ray-Ban shape that showcases timeless tradition and Arabian artistry.

As part of this momentous occasion for the brand and its ties to the Middle East, Ray-Ban has reimagined the iconic Wayfarer by linking the synonymous style in synergy with the fashion, music and traditional heritage of the local landscape. These sunglasses come in a classic black and feature gold detailing on the temples and a gold Ray-Ban logo. What elevates this style and really enables it to mix modernity with ancestry is the traditional 'shemagh' pattern on the inside of the temples in a brushed gold shade. Every pair comes in its own custom-designed box showcasing the 'shemagh' print, with the intricate packaging highlighting the brand's first Middle East exclusive.

As for Tareq Al Harbi's involvement? He stars in a regional campaign celebrating the launch of a style that is set to become a regional favourite. "Nothing beats a classic pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses, and a style like Ray-Ban Legacy is timeless," he says. "It is truly meaningful that Ray-Ban is choosing to celebrate our heritage and I can't wait to see what people think of the campaign." With a strong reach and influence in the Middle East, Tareq's vision of the world he wants to create falls in line with the values Ray-Ban consistently communicates, creating a purposeful partnership between the brand and artist.

To further commemorate this moment, Ray-Ban has also launched an Arabic version of its logo, showcasing an even closer relationship and appreciation for the Arabian Peninsula. The Ray-Ban Legacy is now available in all major retailers around the region.

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