Mohammad Azizi is a photographer and creative entrepreneur who you will likely recognise from his Instagram account @alphaspotting. The travel photographer recently launched his first book 111 Locations to Take Pictures in the UAE and shares ten of these with the readers of FACT.

1. Shuweihat Island, Abu Dhabi

Looking for a faraway adventure? This is the place to be A little paradise in the Arabian peninsula that is still reasonably unknown! A weekend adventure with an SUV would be my ideal getaway. Heads up, it’s a long drive, but that’s the point.

2. Dubai Marina, Dubai

Dubai Marina is one of my favourite areas in the city and I love to come here to shoot pictures at sunset. My favourite spot is in front of the old abra that’s parked there “most of this time!”

3. Palm Island, Dubai

If I were to pick a favourite spot of mine in Dubai, this would be it!. I love coming here during the day and at night to enjoy the views. Unfortunately, as construction is going on, this view will be blocked by new skyscrapers which means that this view is slowing disappearing.

4. Dubai Creek Harbour, Dubai

I call this place the most Instagram worthy spot in Dubai! I am sure they built this place with Instagram pictures in mind. A perfect sunset spot that your camera will love!

5. Shangri La Hotel, Dubai

Arguably the Dubai view you will witness in Dubai. The view speaks for itself and you will have to pay a fee to get up there but you can ask at their reception for more information about that.

6. Abandoned Village, Sharjah

Locate in Sharjah. This place is just wow! The homes are half-submerged in the desert sand and I’d highly recommend checking this place out at least once!

7. Wahat Al Karama, Abu Dhabi

Everyone likes to go inside the Skeikh Zayed Mosque, and why not? It’s absolutely stunning inside! But many people might not know that opposite the mosque is Wahat Al Karama which is where you can get some stunning shots with the reflection on the ground!

8. Al Razeen, Abu Dhabi

Keen on getting experience that you will remember for the rest of your life? Viewing stars at night at a location with super low light pollution is something that you will never forget! Drive up to Al Razeen in Abu Dhabi and get these shots. You don’t need a high- end camera to get these shots, just get your hands on a tripod and Google how to shoot astrophotography and you should be good to go.

9. Paros Bar, Dubai

The newest rooftop in the city. Located in JLT, it offers stunning views of the Marina skyline and is an excellent sunset spot. You can also see Burj Al Arab and the Downtown skyline from here as well! The glass fence here is high, so tripods aren’t ideal. A Gorillapod would be recommended.

10. Business Bay Canal, Dubai

The last spot that I would recommend in the Dubai Canal. I love the views that this place offers. It looks best at blue hour/night.

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