City Rides: Rolls-Royce Ghost

City Rides: Rolls-Royce Ghost



FACT takes a ride in the latest vehicle from luxury brand Rolls-Royce.

The Ghost has a lineage that very few can rival, its roots can be traced back almost 120 years. With the new Ghost, the team were challenged with distilling, in a single-vehicle, the brand's very essence. Rolls Royce has launched the all-new Ghost, as they put it, at the end of an era of post opulence. Don't be fooled into thinking that this results in any compromises found, on the contrary, this more simplistic and minimalist approach has led to an even greater drive for perfection. As the founder is quoted as saying, "small things make perfection but perfection is no small thing."

The Ghost is meant to whisper and not shout and while in the driver's seat, or as a passenger, a whisper is all you can hear of the outside road. So quiet is this vehicle, that noise was re-introduced as a silent environment felt unnatural. The ride is second to none, and 'flying on land' would be an apt description. The V12 engine is a joy to drive with ample power delivered effortlessly, whichever situation you find yourself in. This is, in part, thanks to the constant scanning of the environment this vehicle does on your behalf, adapting the suspension and gearing in anticipation of what you are yet to notice. Rolls Royce will be moving to electric in the future, so this could very well be the last all-new petrol vehicle from this luxury brand.

The interior is de-toxifying to ensure that it does not add to its inhabitants' complexity every-day life, and you certainly feel this wherever you are seated. Whether you find yourself upfront or in the back, the technology on hand enhances your experience without being intrusive. As you would expect with a Rolls Royce, the car is customizable like no other. In fact, they are yet to have a request they have not been able to fulfil. The star-filled headliners will undoubtedly be transformed into the constellation of your choosing. This celestial craftsmanship, as they put it, is the essence of Rolls Royce, and in that, they have achieved their challenge.

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