Neom introduces its latest ecotourism sanctuary, Zardun

Neom introduces its latest ecotourism sanctuary, Zardun



Zardun will have three distinct hotel offerings, each with a unique theme.

In a groundbreaking move for luxury ecotourism in Saudi Arabia, Neom has unveiled another new project, Zardun. Positioned as an exclusive sanctuary resort, Zardun aims to redefine luxury within an environmental context, providing the ultimate experience to guests.

Perched above the waters of the Gulf of Aqaba, Zardun moves from the majestic mountains to the serene sea, embracing the essence of an Arabian oasis while offering panoramic views across the expansive landscapes.

This new destination in Neom will host three distinct boutique hotels. Each will embody a unique theme, seamlessly merging with the surrounding environment. Guests can expect luxurious stays amidst natural vistas, as the resort strives to create a more sustainable future within this newly restored environment.

At Zardun, activities such as trekking, rock climbing, stargazing and yoga, will foster a profound connection with nature. Educational programs on rewilding, nature protection, and conservation will ensure guests leave with a newfound appreciation for the environment.

Zardun also plans to actively support the ecosystem with projects to regenerate local coral reefs and restore the landscape. The reintroduction of native plants and animals, such as the Arabian oryx, will also facilitate these goals.

As part of Neom’s commitment to sustainable progress, this luxury ecotourism development joins Aquellum. Epicon, Leyja, Norlana, Siranna and Utamo in the Gulf of Aqaba megaproject.

From its carefully designed boutique hotels to its educational programs and conservation efforts, Zardun looks to set a new standard for sustainable luxury in Saudi Arabia. So if you're seeking a retreat that seamlessly blends with nature, Zardun is the oasis that awaits.

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