17 restaurants to try on your next Eastern Province expedition

17 restaurants to try on your next Eastern Province expedition



Set sail on a culinary voyage through Saudi Arabia's Eastern region.

Embarking on a road trip through Saudi Arabia's Eastern Province is a must for those seeking a perfect blend of sun-soaked beaches and a laid-back atmosphere. FACT decided to make your culinary journey even more memorable by crafting a guide to the must-visit eateries in Saudi Arabia's Eastern Province. Here's your guide to the best restaurants in Al Khobar and Dammam.

Al Sanbok Restaurant – Dugheither Leasure Island

Nestled on Corniche Road, Al Sanbok Restaurant is a culinary haven where the sea meets the table. With a commitment to freshness, their dishes boast a fusion of local and international flavours, promising a dining experience that transcends expectations. From the renowned Money Purse Johara to the savoury Gulf and Turf Grill and the exotic Paella, Al Sanbok’s menu is a treasure trove of delights.

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Belgravian Brasserie – Corniche Boulevard

Located at Al Matal Complex, Belgravian Brasserie is a culinary gem offering a fusion of French elegance and London's Belgravia charm. This waterfront haven blends the sophistication of Art Deco brasseries with the timeless allure of French cuisine. The menu here boasts prime cuts like US Prime beef and Wagyu, dry-aged for 28 days, ensuring a memorable meal. Other standout dishes like Flammkuchen Tarte Flambee and Beluga Caviar grace the menu, while the in-house patisserie and boulangerie infuse the air with irresistible aromas of freshly baked delights. 

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Belgravian Brasserie

Eat’Sy – Prince Turkey Street

Situated on Prince Turkey Street, Eat'Sy is one of the best restaurants in Al Khobar, combining an enchanting ambience with a diverse menu. The interior is a captivating forest, creating an inviting atmosphere in brick-lined alcoves. The menu brims with Italian classics. This restaurant has everything from freekeh with Jordanian labneh to truffle-infused sourdough toast, pizzas, and pasta choices. Notably, Eat'Sy has also earned its place in the 50 Best Discovery category, a testament to its exceptional dining experience and the only restaurant in the Eastern Province to be featured. 

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Enab Beirut – Kempinski Al Othman Al Khobar

Snuggled inside the prestigious Kempinski Al Othman Hotel, Enab Beirut invites you to indulge in an authentic Lebanese dining experience. A haven away from the city's hustle, the restaurant offers indoor and outdoor seating, creating a laid-back ambience perfect for get-togethers. Savour popular dishes like mezze, the irresistible shawarma, and the charcoal mixed grill, all crafted with locally sourced, fresh ingredients. Don't miss the culinary delights like Warak Enab, Kafta Khashkhash, and the delightful Cheesecake with Halawa.

GO: Visit www.kempinski.com for more information.

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Hellenika – Corniche Boulevard

Perched on the first floor of Al Matal, Hellenika invites you to embark on a culinary odyssey. Seamlessly blending innovation with age-old Greek and Cypriot traditions, the restaurant immerses diners in the vibrant flavours of the Greek islands. The interior is a visual delight, marrying traditional Greek aesthetics with modern comfort, creating an Instagram-worthy space reminiscent of Santorini. Their refreshing Legend of Apollo mocktail and the visually stunning Hellenika Garden Salad are absolute must-tries, along with the Mastic Forest of Chios for a perfect finale. Read our FACT review of one of the best restaurants in Al Khobar here.

GO: Visit https://thehellenika.com for more information.

Hellenika Al Khobar

House of Agapi – Patio Mall

Nestled in Patio Mall, the House of Agapi invites you on a culinary journey steeped in love and culture. This culinary haven has even been graced by footballer Luciano Vietto. Agapi, meaning love, is the ethos that infuses every corner of this restaurant, where sharing food is an expression. Carefully crafted by talented chefs, each dish features fresh ingredients and spices, ensuring an authentic and delightful experience. Don't miss the must-try menu items such as Rigatoni Poulet au Champignons, Polo Cremoso, and the indulgent Malva Pudding. 

GO: Visit https://houseofagapisa.com for more information.

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Lucca – King Faisal Road

Located on King Faisal Road, Lucca features a rustic charm with leather interiors, creating a classic steakhouse ambience that whispers of smoky delights. Brace yourself for an unforgettable journey into the world that will satisfy your carnivorous cravings. Must-try items include the tempting Steak and Hummus, the succulent Black Angus T-Bone, and the Lucca Special that comes with its own fire show. Cap off your experience with the Grilled Pineapple, adding a sweet finale to your steakhouse soiree.

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Maharaja by Vineet – Mövenpick Hotel Al Khobar 

Situated within Movenpick Al Khobar, Maharaja by Vineet brings the genius of Michelin-starred Chef Vineet Bhatia to the heart of Khobar. Offering a contemporary twist to Indian traditions, the menu features live tandoori cooking stations and innovatively reimagined classics. Signature dishes include Bhuni Jalpari, Lamb Rogan Josh, and the flavorful Chicken Biryani.

GO: Visit https://movenpick.accor.com for more information.

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Nozomi – Corniche Boulevard

Step into Nozomi, an upscale Japanese haven perched on the second floor of Al Matal. The dimly lit ambience sets the stage, and the sophisticated decor, with hints of gold and exquisite woodwork, exudes elegance. A favourite dining spot in the city, the standout dishes here include the Wagyu Open Gyoza and the Beef Tenderloin — which is also a Nozomi best-seller. Other classics to try include the California Roll and the Chan San Maki. Nozomi was also named as one of FACT's best restaurants in Al Khobar at the recent FACT Dining Awards. Read our FACT review here.

GO: Visit https://nozomiksa.co for more information.

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Oriya – Crystal Hall

Housed in Crystal Hall, Oriya offers breathtaking sea views and a distant glimpse of Bahrain, promising a delightful experience throughout the day. The setting perfectly blends bright lighting, large windows, wooden chairs, and marble-top tables, creating a dining experience that feels like a rendezvous with the sea. The menu boasts a diverse array of delectable dishes, including the must-try Bahamas Fries, Pollo e Funghi, Poached Eggs with Avocado and Hummus, and the irresistible Short Ribs. For the best seat in the house, reserve the seaside tables to immerse yourself in the enchanting vista.

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Pattis – Al Khobar Al Shamalia

Established in the 80s, Pattis is a vibrant culinary gem, born from a profound love for food. Originating as a youthful Saudi brand with a penchant for European and international cuisine, it pioneered the casual fine-dining scene. Nestled in Al Shamalia, Pattis offers an Instagrammable location with outdoor seating under the sky, adorned in pastel blues and pinks. The menu boasts culinary delights like Rigatoni alla Matriciana, Chicken Paillard, Pattis Shakshuka, Pattis Oriental, and the tantalising Aztec Sandwich, that are not to be missed.

GO: Visit www.pattis.com.sa for more information.

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Primavera Restaurant – Crowne Plaza Al Khobar

Located within Crowne Plaza Al Khobar, Primavera Restaurant is a culinary haven celebrating a fusion of local and international flavours. From a nutritious breakfast to meticulously crafted lunch and dinner buffets, this restaurant caters to all palates. It hosts BBQ nights, seafood extravaganzas, and more, ensuring patrons can indulge in a bit of everything without making tough menu choices. Standout dishes include specialities prepared at live cooking stations and the irresistible dessert buffet featuring a decadent chocolate fountain. The all-you-can-eat experience is complemented by an afternoon a la carte menu.

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Sakana House – Grand Hyatt Al Khobar Hotel & Residences

Nestled within the Grand Hyatt Al Khobar Hotel and Residences, Sakan House beckons with its artisanal charm, offering a delectable fusion of Pan-Asian flavours. Influenced by culinary traditions from Japan, China, and beyond, this restaurant boasts a menu that's a journey across the region's gastronomic delights. Dishes include the flavorful Laksa, the refreshing Lobster Garden Salad, the unique Karasumi, and the crispy Sakana Karaage. The Sakana House bar elevates the experience with the enchanting aroma of handcrafted signature mocktails.

GO: Visit www.hyattrestaurants.com for more information.

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Salvaje Al Khobar – Kempinski Al Othman Al Khobar Hotel

Located in Kempinski Al Othman Hotel, Salvaje introduced the Eastern Province to the first taste of International haute cuisine. This exclusive restaurant invites diners to embark on a wild journey through a diverse menu of Japanese cuisine fusion and signature creations. The Spanish-style atmosphere adds a breathtaking touch to fine dining. From the SLVJ roll to the Oscietra Supreme Caviar, the menu explores the wild side of Japanese cuisine, offering exotic and unforgettable dishes like Cauliflower Boom, Salmon Crispy Rice, and Rock Shrimp Tempura.

GO: Visit www.kempinski.com for more information.

Salvaje Khobar

San Carlo Cicchetti – Al Hizam Al Thahabi

In 1992, San Carlo Cicchetti opened in Birmingham, England. Today, it can be found in Bristol, Leicester, Manchester and London, and across the globe. The restaurant can also be found in Jeddah and Riyadh. Great for groups, the menu draws inspiration from Cicchetti bars in Venice, which serve small plates for sharing. The specials range from Italian Mac N Cheese to Goccia Di Ricotta, served in an atmospheric dining room with artwork, mirrors and umbrella lampshades. 

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San Carlo Cicchetti in Khobar

Takara Restaurant – Al Yarmouk 

Tucked away in Al Yarmouk, Takara promises an exhilarating journey for the eyes and the taste buds. The restaurant offers a surreal atmosphere that beautifully blends the serenity of Asia with ornate golden bamboo and captivating details. Takara's menu is a celebration of pan-Asian fare inspired by diverse traditions, featuring standout dishes like Wagyu Short Ribs, Black Angus Teppanyaki, whole Peking duck, fusion maki rolls, and authentic nigiri and sashimi. The culinary adventure extends to delightful offerings such as Negimaki, Kunafa Shrimp Tempura, Black Cod Miso, Haifa Maki and the Takara Tiramisu which are must-tries.

GO: Visit https://takarasaudi.com for more information.

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Ziba Restaurant – Shorofat Park

Nestled in Shorofat Park, Ziba Restaurant is one of the newest restaurants in Al Khobar, inviting you on a culinary journey with its contemporary Persian cuisine. The setting is clean, crisp, and welcoming, with the added charm of outdoor seating. Prepare to indulge in the best of Persian flavours, savouring meaty kebabs and discovering the delightful hints of rose, pistachio, and pomegranate that enhance and complement dishes like Zeytoon Parverdeh, Ash-e-Reshte Soup, and Bamiye. Ziba offers not just a meal but an experience where the essence of Persian cuisine comes to life.

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