Three regional performers added to AlUla Moments 2023 lineup

Three regional performers added to AlUla Moments 2023 lineup



The shows will take place at the mirrored building, Maraya.

AlUla is pulling out all the stops as the ultimate party destination. And not just that — this ancient city in Saudi Arabia is quickly becoming the go-to cultural destination in the Kingdom too. The oasis city is busy preparing for AlUla Moments 2023, the lineup for which has just been revealed.

The series of concerts will take place at Maraya, the multi-purpose venue and centrepiece of AlUla's vibrant arts and entertainment scene. Yes, it's that stunning mirrored building you've probably seen on social media. Nestled in the Ashar Valley's desert canyon, Maraya is not only picturesque but also houses state-of-the-art facilities — making it an ideal spot to enjoy these incredible artists up close and personal.

Sherine Abdel Wahan: 27 October 2023

Egyptian sensation Sherine Abdel Wahab is making her way to this historic oasis. This superstar rose to fame in the early 2000s and has been captivating audiences across the Arab world ever since. Her musical repertoire spans everything from pop to folk and soulful ballads. Plus, if you're a fan of The Voice talent show, you'll recognise her as one of its most celebrated stars. 

AlUla Moments 2023

Majida El Roumi: 29 December 2023

The Lebanese diva herself, Majida El Roumi, is gracing the AlUla stage. She's been a shining star on the regional scene since the 1970s, and her discography includes classic Arab hits, Lebanese folk songs, and patriotic anthems. Her albums have not only been critically acclaimed but have also sold like hotcakes. She's even scooped up a World Music Award for Best Selling Middle Eastern Artist in 2006. 

Dr. Abadi Al-Johar: 12 January 2024

Saudi musician, singer, and composer Dr. Abadi Al-Johar is also set to hit the stage at AlUla Moments 2023. He's one of the most popular Khaleeji singers in the Gulf and has been making music since 1968. With around 50 albums under his belt and collaborations with top Arab artists, Dr. Abadi is a musical force to be reckoned with. 

AlUla Moments 2023

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