Aseer Season 2023: Catch sports, shops and singers

Aseer Season 2023: Catch sports, shops and singers



The summer festival takes place in a spectacular setting.

Summer holidays don’t have to mean leaving the Middle East. Saudi Arabia’s Saudi Seasons continues with Aseer Season 2023, which is filled with exciting events. Running from 10 July to 1 September, it includes food stalls, pop-up shops and entertainment.

Aseer Season 2023 takes place in Aseer, Saudi Arabia, which boasts mountains, forests and, most importantly, cooler temperatures. Now, the lush landscapes are set to get more exciting, thanks to a range of family-friendly events.

Arab star Majid Al Muhandis will perform at Al Mahalla Walkway on 13 July, and tickets start from SAR 390. The Seer sports programme runs from 10 July to 1 September, and tickets start from SAR 35. The festival also includes the Abha Gala, and the Madhal area, which is filled with food stalls, markets and live entertainment.

If last year’s Abha Summer Festival, which was located in Aseer is anything to go by, the season looks set to be a success. The previous event bought together local and international cuisine, fairgrounds rides and stalls selling souvenirs.

Aseer is located in the province of Aseer, which is a two-hour flight from Riyadh. If you’re planning to extend your trip, make sure you visit Aseer’s heritage sites: Rijal Almaa village, Jaresh archaeological site, and the Heritage House in Al Namas.

Saudi Arabia’s cultural calendar is filled with seasons, from Riyadh Season to Jeddah Events. Riyadh Season is scheduled to return in the winter, and Jeddah Events 2023 takes place throughout the year.

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