Cloud7 in AlUla announces a new operator

Cloud7 in AlUla announces a new operator



Kerten Hospitality will be taking over the 150-room cool community hotel.

Imagine this: getting out of bed, pulling open the curtains and waking up next to Saudi Arabia’s marvellous mountains. Well, at AlUla’s Cloud7 Residence you can do just that. 

The Royal Commission for AlUla and the AlUla Development Company have chosen Kerten Hospitality to operate Cloud7. The property is home to 150 serviced bungalows, which can be lived in for short or long stays. Plus, it aims to create a community feel with events ranging from live music nights to farm-to-fork dining experiences.

Cloud7 in AlUla

If you want to enjoy the splendour of AlUla without the price tag, then put Cloud7 on your radar. The rooms are affordable and offer a minimalist look. The studio-style rooms come with a kitchenette, fridge and microwave. 

John Northen, Vice President – Head of Hotels and Resorts, Royal Commission for AlUla, explained: “The opening of the Cloud7 Residence, operated by Kerten Hospitality, is an important milestone in our ongoing efforts to expand and diversify AlUla’s hospitality offerings. This partnership with Kerten Hospitality brings us closer to achieving our goal of providing 5,000-plus keys within the destination by 2030 while catering to diverse guest segments and meeting various accommodation needs.”

Cloud7 in AlUla

Marloes Knippenberg, CEO of Kerten Hospitality, added: “We’re proud to support the development plan for AlUla working hand in hand with its visionary leadership. Our agility and innovation in managing assets of different sizes, each with a unique purpose, is enabling us to support the Kingdom in its mission to build destinations that encourage talent development, entrepreneurship and multicultural dialogues.”

AlUla is home to thousands of years’ worth of history, which visitors can experience with an air of exclusivity. The UNESCO World Heritage sites, ruins and rock art are just some of the gems. So come face-to-face with blockbuster sights, and feel like the star of your own adventure film.

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