Eat like an Egyptian at Balcona 99 in Riyadh

Eat like an Egyptian at Balcona 99 in Riyadh



The Egyptian-born brand makes its debut in Saudi Arabia.

There's a new restaurant on the block in Riyadh. Egypt's popular restaurant brand, Balcona 99, has made its debut in the kingdom. Here's what to expect from the exciting new restaurant.

Balcona 99 was created in 2010. The brand currently has four locations in Egypt, and has expanded for the first time outside of the country. The team aim to create a memorable dining experience, as traditional Egyptian cuisine is combined with a side of entertainment.

Balcona 99 in RIyadh is located in Century Corner in the hip district of Al Olaya. The décor is Arabic-inspired with traditional lanterns and curved, cave-like ceilings. Plus, there are Egyptian touches, from hieroglyphics on the wall to framed black and white photos of the country's stars – Omar Sharif and Umm Kulthum, anyone? 

The original restaurant is popular with residents and tourists in Egypt, and is hoping to build a new fan base in Riyadh. The same signature dishes will be served, and there will be an emphasis on fresh ingredients. Plus, the restaurant prides itself on offering a family-friendly service.

The founders shared: "We are thrilled to bring our unique blend of traditional Egyptian cuisine and entertainment to the vibrant city of Riyadh. We look forward to welcoming customers old and new to our new location and sharing our passion for delicious food and great service with them."

Balcona 99 in Riyadh is open from Thursday to Saturday from 1pm to 12.30am, and Sunday to Wednesday from 6pm to 12.30am. Egyptian food awaits. 

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