Petros Night music festival launches in Jeddah

Petros Night music festival launches in Jeddah



WEEKends Entertainment has also announced cool concerts in the region.

If you love music festivals, then we have some exciting news. WEEKends Entertainment is launching Petros Night, which takes place on 28 and 29 December and will bring amazing acts to Jeddah. The arts and entertainment company has also announced a range of cool concerts, so here are the dates for your diary.

WEEKends Entertainment is behind mega music festivals, which have attracted international and local names. So far, we know that Petros Night aims to bring together a carefully curated line-up of artists, which come from different genres and appeal to everyone. If the organiser’s past events are anything to go, which attracted Blacky, Cosmicat, K.Led and Vinyl Mode, we’re expecting exciting acts.

WEEKends Entertainment has also announced dates for Beyond Beats in Jeddah on 1 September, and Moon Wave in Jeddah on 13 October. Plus, a Bahrain date for 10 November has yet to be confirmed, but Ukrania in Jeddah on January 5, 2024, has been confirmed.

There are plenty of cool concerts coming to Saudi Arabia. Telum Fest takes place from 27 to 28 July in Riyadh and is a new dance music festival. Yellow Plus takes place from 3 to 4 August in Riyadh and brings together dance acts. AZIMUTH amplified by MDLBeast takes place from 21 to 22 September in AlUla. The event features regional stars such as Dish Dash, Baloo, KAYAN and many more.

Tickets for Petros Nights are now available via Platinumlist. Check in with FACT for the latest details.

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