Khalila in Jeddah opens an exclusive members-only lounge

Khalila in Jeddah opens an exclusive members-only lounge



A female entrepreneur is behind the cool concept.

If you suffer from FOMO, we have some news that will get you behind the velvet rope. A new members-only lounge is opening in Jeddah. Chef and entrepreneur Basma Elkhereiji has opened Khalila in Mövenpick Jeddah Al Nawras.

Basma is behind Jeddah restaurants Alieia and Social Kitchen. Now, she is bringing her skills to Khalila, which blends together Arabic traditions with modern sensibilities. In Arabic, Khalila refers to a person close to your heart, and this lounge aims to be a warm and welcoming space. 

At Khalila, the menu draws inspiration from Saudi Arabia’s traditional dishes and gives them a modern twist. Plus, is will boast live entertainment, which spans DJs and bands. 

Basma explains: “When someone is chilling with their friends, they get a food craving. It’s better for that food to be light and easy to serve”. 

Executive Chef, Hussei Fakhreddine, adds: “Most of the plates we serve were tied to this idea of sharing. So, when people come with other people, your meal will be even more lovely. You’re enjoying more than a plate, and it’s not just one or two plates. You can order more and enjoy the experience. It’s a cosy place, it’s a lounge and a snug place. We made small, bite sized food – we divided the plates in an organised way.”

Khalila in Jeddah offers a range of membership packages. Regular membership starts from SAR 15,000 and Gold membership starts from SAR 21,000. 

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