FACT Review: Mashi no Mashi brings the first wagyu ramen shop to Jeddah

FACT Review: Mashi no Mashi brings the first wagyu ramen shop to Jeddah



Diners are encouraged to "slurp like a boss" at this Jeddah Yacht Club hot spot.

Jeddah Yacht Club has seen an influx of new restaurant openings, but it's Mashi No Mashi that has clearly captured the attention of Jeddahites. The cool and casual concept has brought the world's first 100 per cent wagyu ramen shop from the streets of Hong Kong to the Red Sea Coast.

Meat supplier and self-taught chef Hisato Hamada created the Japanese restaurant. The wagyu expert and entrepreneur wanted a place to showcase his products, so he launched the members-only WAGYUMAFIA in Tokyo in 2016, followed by the 12-seater Mashi No Mashi in Hong Kong in 2019.

Don't be fooled by the unassuming interiors of Mashi No Mashi, where industrial chic meets casual canteen, because this place is solely about the food. Flashing neon signage of monkeys eating noodles and stabbing at cuts of wagyu offer an Instagrammble entrance, while the brand’s vibrant yellow colour palette can be found on the walls, table mats and staff uniforms, which read "slurp like a boss" in a deep red font. Near the door lies merch: T-shirts, snapbacks and sunglasses. There will also be hoodies once the cooler winter weather sets in.

While the Mashi No Mashi menu in Hong Kong, Sydney, and Tokyo offer just a handful of dishes, adaptations have been made, and an expanded offering is available in Jeddah. There is no bad thing, as Head Chef Hozarudin Hoter and his capable team churn our bowls of piping hot ramen and fluffy wagyu baos with the precision of a well-oiled machine.

Mashi No Mashi

Despite the sparse interiors, there is a theatricality to proceedings, not just from the open show kitchen but tableside presentation. Dishes are announced with a small skit where the chefs present their wares with their arms outstretched. It's a fun and novel approach, and one that plays well on social media. 

Our meal begins with the Ozaki Beef Tataki (SAR 155), which presents slender slices of premium beef with ginger and crisp onion. The result is a carnivorous feast where the meat is allowed to shine. Similarly, the Ozaki Wagyu Slider (SAR 145) delivers a lighter-than-expected burger thanks to a tofu bun and a sweet slathering of sauce. Ramen may be the restaurant's signature, but these sliders have resonated with diners in Jeddah, becoming an instant best-seller.

Mashi No Mashi

Visitors to the restaurant shouldn't miss the two signature dishes. The juicy pan-seared Wagyu Gyoza (SAR 120) come generously stuffed with four cuts of Ozaki beef and minced vegetables before being seared to give the casing a nice crunch. The simple dipping sauce of vinegar and pepper helps cut through the fat of these moreish parcels. The Wagyu Danbury (SAR 195) serves seared Ozaki beef which is used to envelop a bed of hot rice before being topped with a Japanese egg yolk. There's an allure to breaking the velvety yolk and mixing the ingredients together.

What about the ramen? Mashi No Mashi serves three types of ramen: Tokusei Wagyu Tsukemen (SAR 285), Spicy Samurai Bomb Tsukemen (SAR 290) and Wagyujiro Dry (AED 285). We opt for the spicy iteration in which Mashi No Mashi's famous Tsukemen is given a fiery kick, thanks to a 'bomb' thrown into the 24-hour simmered wagyu bone broth, enlivening it with umami and heat. Finished with fresh bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, egg yolk, garlic, and branded nori, guests don "slurp like a boss" bibs and are encouraged to dip the dry ingredients into the rich broth before devouring the stretchy hand-pulled noodles blanketed in 16-hours sous vide wagyu. The price may be higher than your average bowl of ramen, but Mashi No Mashi's authenticity is anchored around premium ingredients, and the bowl is worth every Riyal.

Mashi No Mashi

Finish up with one of four desserts that include a Salted Vanilla Soft Serve (SAR 24), Matcha Crème Bruleé (SAR 55), a palate cleansing Seasonal Fruit Kanten (SAR 50), or the rich and buttery Burnt Basque Cheesecake (SAR 65).

Mashi No Mashi in Jeddah boasts a hip and energetic dining room anchored around authentic ramen and a sense of frivolity. Trust us: you'll want to dig your chopsticks right in.

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