The gastronomic journey continues at Sofia's Bistro in Jeddah

The gastronomic journey continues at Sofia's Bistro in Jeddah



The Mediterranean restaurant opens in Hayy Jameel.

Jeddah has plenty of culinary gems and Sofia's Bistro stands out as a firm favourite. With an original outpost in Al Andalus, it has now spread its culinary wings with a new branch at the city’s famed art space, Hayy Jameel.

Step into Sofia's Bistro at Hayy Jameel, and you'll find yourself in an ambience that blends contemporary minimalism with artistic flair. Exposed brick walls and an open setting create an inviting atmosphere like its predecessor, perfect for socialising with friends and family.

Infused with Mediterranean flavours inspired by Chef Khalid's worldly adventures, Sofia's Bistro is celebrated for its use of locally sourced ingredients and appealing dishes. From the rich flavours of the eight-hour spaghetti bolognese to savoury shrimp tacos and thin-crust pizzas, guests are in for a culinary treat.

Accompanying the bistro on the first floor is an arthouse — perfect for creative coffee aficionados. With a library and light bites, it's the perfect space to ignite your inner creativity.

But Sofia’s Bistro’s new outpost is not just about art and food, it’s also about being socially responsible. The restaurant takes pride in its commitment to sustainability, with a zero-plastic usage policy and a composting system.

In addition to its new branch at Hayy Jameel, Sofia’s Bistro has also introduced Balad Bistro, a unique dining experience offering iftar. Under stone archways and set on an outdoor terrace adorned with chic furnishing, guests can enjoy panoramic views of the city and swaying palm trees.

As for Hayy Jameel, it’s more than just an arts complex. It embodies the spirit of community and collaboration and is a testament to Saudi Arabia's burgeoning creative scene.

So whether you're a seasoned foodie or an art enthusiast seeking new experiences, make sure to add Sofia's Bistro at Hayy Jameel to your list.

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