Luxurious Jaumur is under development in NEOM

Luxurious Jaumur is under development in NEOM



The site will be home to two hotels, marina apartments and superyachts.

NEOM is one of the most exciting megaprojects in Saudi Arabia. Now, it has announced the development of the cosmopolitan community, Jaumur. Located on the Gulf of Aqaba, it will be a residential space for those who want a high standard of living, an active lifestyle and a superyacht marina. 

Jaumur aims to welcome more than 6,000 residents and offer luxurious experiences on land and at sea. The site will feature 500 marina apartments and 700 luxury villas with waterfront access and private mooring. The marina promenade will be buzzing with arts, entertainment, culture, shopping and restaurants. 

Jaumur Neom

The yacht berths will provide year-round protection for yachts. The aerofoil will incorporate a gravity-defying cantilever, and it will be able to accommodate large superyachts. Plus, the community will be family-friendly and be home to an international boarding school.

Jaumur will also welcome two hotels with 350 rooms and suites. The hotel will make the most of the site, and offer sporting as well as water activities. Plus, NEOM’s research institute is dedicated to deep-sea exploration, marine discovery and conservation. 

When completed, NEOM will be the size of Belgium and sits north of the Red Sea coastline. The exciting developments also include Oxagan, Sindalah’s beaches and seas, The Line and Trojena’s mountainous slopes. 

Oxagon aims to be the world’s largest floating industrial complex. Sindalah island will be a luxurious retreat and include 413 hotels, 51 shops and 38 restaurants. The Line aims to be a horizontal residential complex with zero cars, zero streets, zero carbon emissions and the world’s longest skyscraper, Mirror Line. 

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