A Coffee City is brewing in Saudi Arabia's Al Baha

A Coffee City is brewing in Saudi Arabia's Al Baha



Now this is one destination for coffee lovers to refuel.

Saudi Arabia's love affair with coffee is no secret. Walk down any street in Riyadh or Jeddah and you'll find a coffee shop every few metres. Even in smaller towns, coffee culture is thriving and cosy neighbourhood cafes have become a favourite hangout spot for many. Now, this love of coffee is about to reach new heights because Saudi Arabia is building a Coffee City.

Located in the Kingdom’s Al Baha, Coffee City will cover an area of over 5.5 million square kilometres. Featuring over 300,000 coffee trees, Coffee City will align with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2023, which aims to boost coffee growth in the Kingdom and hence cater to economic growth. If you love coffee, this one is for you.

Al Baha

The Saudi Ministry of Environment, Water, and Agriculture has asked investors to share their bids for Coffee City. Not only can you visit once the project is complete, but you can also be a part of bringing this caffeine haven to life. Interested businesspersons have until 9 September to share their proposals which will then go into review.

This announcement comes only days after Saudi Arabia announced that Arabic coffee would be renamed to Saudi coffee. The Ministry of Commerce shared the news last week, adding that this name change is part of a broader effort to preserve cultural heritage and promote Saudi identity.

The upcoming Coffee City in Al-Baha promises to elevate local coffee production in Saudi Arabia. In the meantime, grab yourself a cuppa and wait for the magic to unfold.

Details of when development on Coffee City will begin have not been disclosed but keep an eye out at FACT for all the insights.

GO: Visit https://www.mewa.gov.sa for more information.