Celebrate Saudi Founding Day like footballer Neymar

Celebrate Saudi Founding Day like footballer Neymar



The football legend celebrated the day in true Saudi style.

When it comes to embracing culture and celebration, Brazilian football sensation Neymar Jr knows how to make a statement. Recently, the star athlete graced the festivities of Saudi Founding Day, dazzling fans with his charisma and style alongside his Al Hilal teammates.

Neymar's journey to Saudi Arabia last year wasn't just about football, it was about immersing himself in the rich tapestry of Saudi culture and tradition. One cannot help but admire his embrace of tradition as he donned the traditional Saudi attire alongside his Al Hilal companions. From the elegant ghutra adorning his head to the regal Bisht gracefully draped over his thobe, Neymar effortlessly blended in with the festivities.

Neymar Founding Day

Last year, Neymar moved to Saudi Arabia's Al Hilal with a reported €90 million contract, marking a significant milestone in his career. He was welcomed to the Kingdom with open arms by both fans and royalty alike. Prince Al Waleed bin Talal lent Neymar his private jet for the journey from Paris to Riyadh, epitomising the grandeur and hospitality of the Saudis. 

Neymar Founding Day

The extravagant welcome ceremony at King Fahd International Stadium, complete with a spectacular firework display and drones spelling out "Neymar is blue," showcased the Kingdom's fervent embrace of its newest star.

Saudi Founding Day is being celebrated today, 22 February. And Neymar was right at the heart of all the celebrations. Captured in selfies with Al Hilal teammates, the football icon showcased not only his camaraderie but also his respect for Saudi customs.

If you are in Saudi Arabia this Saudi Founding Day, why not explore the Kingdom like Neymar? 

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