Marafy is Jeddah's new Chicago-sized waterfront destination

Marafy is Jeddah's new Chicago-sized waterfront destination



Marafy will also feature an 11 km-long canal.

Jeddah is about to get a seriously stylish makeover. Say hello to Marafy, the new development on the block that's ready to give the city a whole new swag. We're talking about a mega mixed-use development that's ready to shake things up.

At the centre of Marafy's groundbreaking concept lies its show-stopping feature – an 11-km-long and 100-metre-wide canal. We're talking about a first-of-its-kind wonder in Saudi Arabia promising Jeddah a waterfront destination that can compete with the big shots. Picture Chicago's mesmerising shoreline, Stockholm's enchanting waterways, Hamburg's bustling port, and the oh-so-famous Thames River in London — all woven together in a tapestry that's uniquely Jeddah's own.

Each Marafy district will pay homage to the city's architectural heritage while reinventing designs for the contemporary world. Each district will have its distinctive character, drawing inspiration from the historical designs of Jeddah. This creative fusion will not only reflect the city's roots but also catapult the city into the big leagues. These districts will be seamlessly linked through an advanced transport system. Water taxis, bus lines, a dedicated Metro Red Line station, and a direct canal link to King Abdulaziz International Airport will ensure effortless movement throughout the city.

Marafy also aligns perfectly with Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030, aiming to create a vibrant community and a thriving economy. It positions the city on the global map as a dynamic, modern metropolis while paying homage to its history. 

As Marafy thrives, so will Jeddah – with an influx of residents and visitors. The city will not only see its landscape transformed but also witness the arrival of new hotels in the region.

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