Saudi Arabia send the first Arab woman into space

Saudi Arabia send the first Arab woman into space



Rayyanah Barnawi is reaching for the stars.

Hold onto your seats because history is being made as we speak. Saudi Arabia has launched its very first female astronaut into space.

Rayyanah Barnawi has embarked on a journey to the International Space Station as part of the AX-2 space mission, making her the first Arab woman in space. This super-cool astronaut is just 33-years-young and already a total rockstar in the world of research. With degrees from both Otago University and Alfaisal University, she's armed with a mind as sharp as a shooting star. But here's the real kicker: Rayyanah has spent a whopping nine years diving deep into the fascinating realm of cancer stem cell research. Talk about making a difference and reaching for the stars.

Rayyanah rocketed off from the Kennedy Space Center in the US, sending waves of excitement across the globe in the early hours of Monday, 22 May 22. However, she isn't alone on this stellar adventure. Ali Al Qarni, another space-bound hero, joined her in this cosmic escapade. The two are expected to land at the ISS at 6pm, GST - which will mark another milestone for the Arab region. Any guesses?

For the first time ever, three Arab astronauts, Rayyanah, Ali, and the UAE's very own Sultan Al Neyadi will unite in the vastness of space. Can you even fathom the magnitude of this moment? It's a rendezvous of epic proportions that will go down in the history books.

At the ISS, Rayyanah and Ali are expected to undertake 14 experiments assigned to them by Saudi researchers. Sultan, who's been aboard the ISS for several weeks, has been making preparations to welcome them. In fact, he also shared a photo of Saudi Arabia from space ahead of the Saudi astronauts' arrival.

As the Kingdom sends its astronauts to join the cosmic party, it's clear that they mean business on a global scale. It's a thrilling time for Saudi Arabia, and the world can't help but be captivated by this celestial journey.

Get ready, space explorers, because Saudi Arabia has officially joined the ranks of the cosmic trailblazers.

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