Saudi Arabia unveils The Line's first futuristic neighbourhood

Saudi Arabia unveils The Line's first futuristic neighbourhood



The Hidden Marina is gearing up to welcome residents by 2030 - or earlier.

Buckle up because Saudi Arabia is bringing the future to life. The Kingdom's The Line promises a revolutionary 170km-long urban wonderland that's set to become the crown jewel of Neom's epic $500 billion megaproject. We're talking about a city with no cars, zero carbon emissions, powered entirely by clean energy and run by artificial intelligence. It's like something straight out of a sci-fi movie.

Surprisingly, The Line project is a fifth of the way there. Details of the first neighbourhood in the linear smart city have been revealed, and it will welcome residents sooner than you might expect. Al Arabiya reported that construction on the Hidden Marina, started in April 2022 and is set to welcome lucky residents and curious visitors by 2030.

The Line

With 20 per cent of the essential infrastructure already in place, Saudi Arabia is now laser-focused on developing crucial elements like transportation networks, utility systems and urban planning. This city is being built faster, safer and more sustainably using cutting-edge construction methods.

Excavation of the Hidden Marina is in full swing and the foundation works will result in the largest piling operation the world has ever witnessed. Say goodbye to traffic headaches because The Line has been designed with neighbourhoods that bring essential services within a five-minute walk from your doorstep. Imagine strolling to work, school, the local market or the park - all just a stone's throw away. With a tiny land footprint compared to cities of comparable size, The Line is a conservationist's dream. It allows nature to flourish while preserving 95 per cent of Neom's vast land area. Plus, the city runs entirely on renewable energy sources, with sustainable water and food production systems in place.

Yet Neom is about more than just The Line and its Hidden Marina. It's a completely sustainable urban development with smart towns, research hubs, sports and entertainment venues and tourism centres. Luxury island resorts, floating cities and even a year-round skiing destination are already in the works. 

With The Line, the future is not a distant dream. It's right here, right now and it's nothing short of incredible. 

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