Play Restaurant & Lounge brings dinner and a show to Jeddah

Play Restaurant & Lounge brings dinner and a show to Jeddah



Here’s what to expect from Play’s first restaurant in Saudi Arabia.

Play Restaurant & Lounge has been dazzling diners in Dubai for years, and has been at the forefront of creating a luxury dinner and a show experience. Now the Play experience is coming to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, as the city welcomes a new restaurant meets entertainment experience.

There are three pillars to the Play experience – dining, entertainment and now a high-energy aspect, which we are excited about. We are expecting the Jeddah restaurant to be just as fashionably fun as the Dubai restaurant, which includes an opulent dining space and stage, which are combined together to create a theatrical experience.  

We are hoping that Play’s Jeddah menu echoes its other restaurants, which have an emphasis on Mediterranean cuisine with Asian influences. For example, the menus include salads, sushi and sharing plates, which range from spicy Miyazaki to steak and lobster.

Play is currently all about expansion, as it has extended its presence in Bahrain and Cannes, and plans to open branches in Los Angeles and London. Speaking to FACT, Play’s director of brand and communication at Play Dining Group, Noor Badaro, said: “Evolution is the key to being a trendsetter in any market. With this ethos in mind, we are not content to merely sit on our existing success therefore, we are working on some very exciting initiatives with strategic partners that extend beyond F&B.”

She added: “Play has continuously been a pioneer in practice and was the first F&B lounge in the UAE to break the barrier between dining and nightlife. In essence, Play transformed the new norm of fine dining and shattered traditional taboos of dining out past 10pm. Play’s philosophy in its conception was to welcome customers from all walks of life that commonly strive for a one-of-a-kind nightlife extravaganza perfectly paired with refined gastronomical expeditions.”

We are ready to Play. 

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