It's a hattrick for Saudi Arabia at London Design Biennale

It's a hattrick for Saudi Arabia at London Design Biennale



An impressive installation called Woven will captivate visitors this time around.

Get ready for an extraordinary display of Saudi Arabia's creativity at the highly anticipated London Design Biennale, taking place from 1 June to 25 June. And this time, the Saudi pavilion is bringing an interactive installation called Woven, curated by the talented minds of Ruba Alkhaldi and Lojain Rafaa.

Inspired by the theme of Remapping Collaborations, Woven beautifully captures the essence of the traditional weaving technique known as Al Sadu, cherished by the women of the Arabian desert.

Visitors can join the creative process through a captivating multi-touch interactive surface and add their personal touch to the tapestry. By selecting different yarns, representing pillars of society such as education, health, technology, nature and manufacture, everyone becomes a collaborator, contributing to the magnificent 50-metre-long data map. This stunning design will radiate a powerful message of unity, connection and prosperity.

Speaking about their vision, Ruba and Lojain explained, "We thought of an immersive experience, where our ideas about the future interlace with the fabric of humanity," the result of which is Woven - an installation that celebrates a remarkable local initiative originating from the Arabian desert. 

"Al Sadu weaves humble materials into textiles, nurturing, sheltering, and representing both identity and visions to sustain and grow," Arab News quoted the designers as saying. Ruba and Lojain are excited for visitors to witness and experience Woven firsthand at the biennale."

The Woven installation reflects the warm and inclusive nature of Saudi Arabia and calls upon visitors to invest in shaping a brighter future for all of humanity. With each thread woven into the tapestry, individuals contribute to "weaving the future" itself, exploring diverse avenues of development and endless possibilities. This remarkable showcase of Saudi Arabia's cultural and social significance invites the world to appreciate the Kingdom's rich heritage and forward-thinking vision.

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