Funky futuristic restaurant Get Lit opens in Riyadh  

Funky futuristic restaurant Get Lit opens in Riyadh  



Dig into pizzas and pastas at the hip hangout.

It’s about to get lit in Riyadh – aka exciting, if you’re not up to speed with Gen Z. The hip hangout, Get Lit, has opened in the capital, and is a new and novel concept. True to its name, it is an illuminated place with bright logos and brighter lights, which give it a futuristic aesthetic unlike any other restaurant in Riyadh.  

Get Lit is a casual spot that has already proved popular on social media. Solid Designs is behind the design, which has a new space-age vibe. Located in Al Olaya, the venue is easy to spot. The floor-to-ceiling windows include the tagline “It’s about to Get Lit”, and the exterior wall includes the line “Man, that pizza was lit.” 

Get Lit Riyadh

Inside Get Lit, visitors can choose from black tables and chairs. The space includes black and white floor tiles, and fun and funky light features. Plus, the name of the restaurant is repeated in digital writing on the wall. 

The menu at Get Lit in Riyadh spans side dishes, pastas, pizzas, salads and desserts. The dishes have playful names – there are pastas called Bloody Fire, Little Pink and Smooth Criminal, and pizzas called Get Eggplant, Truffle Shuffle and Veggie War. The side dishes include Cheesy Sticks, Chicken Tender and Veggie Bullets, and the dessert includes a Tiramisu. The drinks include an Exotic Lemonade, Get Lit Juice and Peach Iced Tea.

Get Lit in Riyadh is open from Saturday to Wednesday from midday to 1am, and Friday from 12pm to 2am. Are you ready to get lit? 

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