Hara in Riyadh opens with classic curries and curious creations

Hara in Riyadh opens with classic curries and curious creations



The new restaurant has stylish dishes and décor.

We’re going to spill the daal on a new restaurant in Riyadh. Hara has opened in the capital, and it has Indian dishes that have got our mouths watering. If you’re a fan of classic curries and curious creations, here’s what you need to know.

Located in Park Avenue, Hara is one of the names of the deity Shiva and means destroyer in Sanskrit. The restaurant has plenty of personality, as it includes stylish décor and dishes, from Indian-inspired artwork to beautifully presented plates. Plus, there are dashes of colour – think blue tiled table tops, orange sofas and green chairs as well as plates.

Hara describes itself as serving authentic Indian fare. The menu is playfully designed like a newspaper, and at the top it reads: “Mumbai News”. The starters include salads and soups, which cover Chicken Mushroom Soup, Lentil Soup, Avacado Spinach Salad and Punjabi Chicken Salad. Plus, there are hot and cold starters, which range from Dahi Puchka Shots to Hara Samoosa.

The mains are where the restaurant comes alive, and are great for sharing. The menu is divided into biriyani, tandoor and main courses. Plus, when you’re not feeling too hungry, there are sandwiches, from the Beef Slider to Hara Chicken Roll.

The biriyanis come with chicken, lamb and shrimp. The tandoor includes Chicken Tikka, Lamb Seekh Keabab and a Kebab Platter Mix. The main courses cover classics including Butter Chicken, Dal Makhani and Mutton Roganhjosh, and the unexpected Chicken Cheesy Biriyani Rice Balls.

The desserts include Hara’s own take on classic flavours, so there’s the Hara Brownie and Nutella Chabati Roll. The drinks include juices, mojitos and teas. We’d recommend trying one of the lassis that come in rose, mango and saffron flavours – we spotted them being served like shots.

Hara in Riyadh is open from Saturday to Thursday from noon and 2.30am, and on Friday from 1.30pm to 2.30am.

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