Marmalade Kitchen Jo serves creative cakes in Riyadh

Marmalade Kitchen Jo serves creative cakes in Riyadh



The flavours range from Nescafe Cake to Nutella Sambousek.

Riyadh has a buzzing café scene with homegrown concepts and big brands. Now, it has welcomed a new café all the way from Jordan, Marmalade Kitchen Jo. The café is now open in the capital, and is the latest place to grab a coffee and cake. 

Marmalade Kitchen Jo’s café has a contemporary feel with long sofas, gorgeous greenery and gold-rimmed tables. Oh, and if you want to get your gram on, there’s even a swing. Plus, the venue is bright and airy, thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows.

Marmalade Kitchen Jo shared on Instagram: “We are happy to announce the opening of our new branch in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia” The café prides itself on its creative combination of flavours, which have nabbed it legions of fans in Jordan and more than 46,000 followers on social media.

We’re expecting Marmalade Kitchen Jo to serve some of its signature dishes from Jordan at its new venue in Riyadh. If you’re struggling to choose between cakes, we’d recommend heading to the counter. There are plenty of sweet treats beautifully presented under glass domes and in trays, which will catch your eye and get your stomach rumbling. 

One of Marmalade Kitchen Jo’s most popular desserts is the Nescafe Cake, which includes layers of biscuit and coffee cream, and is topped with more cream and sprinkles of Nescafe. Other cool combinations include a Knafeh Cheesecase, Nutella Backlawa and Nutella Sambousek. Plus, desserts include a Caramel Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Berry Ice Cream, and ice cream. 

Go, have your cake. 

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