Newly opened Gleam Pizzeria brings the flavours of Naples to Riyadh

Newly opened Gleam Pizzeria brings the flavours of Naples to Riyadh



Located in Al Nakheel, it serves classic Italian pizzas and desserts.

If the sound of pizza puts a smile on your face, then you’re in luck. The new Italian Gleam Pizzeria has opened in Riyadh and prides itself on serving authentic Neapolitan pizzas. Located in Al Nakheel, here’s what to expect.

Gleam Pizzeria is a modern, monochrome spot, which is great for groups. The décor includes grey seats, dark banquettes and long tables as well as small tables, which are punctuated by potted plants. Look out for the open kitchen, which is lined with chandeliers and includes a gold pizza oven.

Gleam Pizzeria’s menu boasts a range of pizzas. The classics range from a Diavola to Margherita. Plus, other pizzas include a Bresaola and Rucola with different cheeses, Bufalita with buffalo mozzarella, Calzoncino with veal ham, Tuscania with olives, and Vegetariana with mixed vegetables.

The desserts also draw inspiration from Italy. The options include a Calzone, Mousse Al Cioccolato, Panna Cotta and Tiramisu. Plus, there is a Gleamisu – the Arabic twist on the classic dessert that includes Arabic coffee and pistachio flavours.

The mocktails feature Deep Universe with apple juice, mango and cardamon; Purple Rain with blackberries, lemon juice and lavender; and Sky Wasser with raspberries. Plus, there are a range of hot and cold drinks, from a Café Latte to Iced Americano.

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Gleam Pizzeria is open daily from noon to 2pm, and 7pm to midnight.

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