FACT Review: Beefbar Riyadh

FACT Review: Beefbar Riyadh



A meat lover's paradise in the heart of buzzing As Sulimaniyah.

Tahlia Street in Riyadh has become a culinary destination in its own right. Home to Billionaire, COYA, ROKA, San Carlo Cicchetti and Signor Sassi, a drive along the busy As Sulimaniyah thoroughfare offers a wealth of dining options and a "who's who" of acclaimed international dining concepts.

The latest to open is Beefbar Riyadh, a carnivorous paradise that should require little introduction. Beefbar began in Monte Carlo, Monaco in 2005 and has since expanded to Dubai, Hong Kong, London and Tulum. Created by Monaco-born restaurateur Ricardo Giraudi (AKA The Beef Boy), Beefbar offers a modern, upmarket steakhouse experience that elevates street food and prime cuts into an altogether memorable meal.

Beefbar Riyadh

Open for lunch and dinner, the new Riyadh restaurant brings the glitz of Monaco to the Saudi capital. Situated in a standalone building, no expense has been spared when it comes to the stunning fit-out. You'll find opulent Art Deco touches, an abundance of marble, high ceilings, tall curved mirrors, gold hues, plush cream seats and a striking bar, all designed by architects Emil Humbert & Christophe Poyet. The sprawling space, with its hand-painted ceilings featuring floral motifs and imagery of flamingos and hummingbirds, exudes elegance and refinement that is only heightened by the restaurant's charming outdoor terrace.

As the name suggests, the dining experience revolves around beef, glorious beef, although vegetarians are also well catered for. Whether dining in Dubai, London or Riyadh, the Beefbar brand carries such clout that you already know what to expect. Tables are laid with cheeky emoji printed plates, from aubergines and peaches to stacks of gold and the ever-popular winky face.

The Riyadh restaurant features dishes from across Beefbar's international menus, such as the beef shawarma and beef burgers. At Beefbar Riyadh, there is something to tempt everyone's palate, smoked Kobe beef quesadillas and and miso black beef included.

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Beefbar's starters include street food-style dishes with an appealing twist, while vegans and vegetarians are catered to with Leafbar options – think: Zesty Kale Salad with avocado and Parmesan cheese (SAR 84) and Rock Corn (SAR 60). We begin with the tantalising Bao Buns (SAR 115) that arrive amidst wafts of smoke in a glass bell jar. We're immediately enamoured by the pillowy texture of the Korean buns generously stuffed with jasmine tea-smoked beef. Similarly, the Lobster Roll (SAR 160) from the aptly named Reefbar packs a flavoursome punch thanks to a winning combination of shredded lobster and lemon sauce. 

If you've opened Instagram recently, you've likely seen the seductive pouring of La Sauce Beefbar (black truffle and an extract of Sauce Originale Relais de Paris) over the restaurant's signature Croque Sando (SAR 185). This must-order dish sandwiches dry-aged beef ribeye ham between slices of fluffy milk bread that are quite literally to die for. 

Beefbar Riyadh

This convention-defying steakhouse is where serious meat aficionados congregate, seeking out the most exclusive imported beef cuts. BeefBar Riyadh's main courses span Wagyu Ribeye (SAR 495) and a 1.4kg Tomahawk (SAR 1,390) with a 9+ marbling score. However, we opt for the Filet-Frites (SAR 425), a tender cut ideal for sharing, slathered with BeefBar's thick, creamy, buttery secret sauce. Watch out for the moreish fries; you'll want to leave room for dessert.

To end things on a sweet note, the signature Gelato Mantecato (SAR 145) is a no-brainer, as is the highly Instagrammable Marble Chocolate Bar (SAR 145), a cleverly concocted mix of chocolate, crispy biscuit and melted caramel that resembles a slab of raw meat. 

Beefbar Riyadh

This play on perception perfectly encapsulates the Beefbar dining experience. Challenging perceptions surrounding the classic steakhouse and elevating far beyond stuffy wood-panelled dining rooms. You'll note there's no Prawn Cocktail or Oysters Rockefeller in sight. Instead, Beefbar Riyadh offers a modern and refined dining experience injected with fun. 

Meat lovers will be falling knife over fork for this new As Sulimaniyah spot.

GO: Visit https://beefbar.com or call +966 9200 04146 for more information.