FACT Review: Dash over to Dasha, a destination for delicious dumplings

FACT Review: Dash over to Dasha, a destination for delicious dumplings



The restaurant is the brainchild of acclaimed chef Akira Back.

Saudi Arabia is brimming with celebrity chefs. One such name who is hoping to make their mark on the capital is internationally renowned chef Akira Back. He has opened Dasha, a modern Chinese restaurant located in The Esplanade.

As we stepped into Dasha, we were immediately struck by the sleek and sophisticated ambience that enveloped us. The fusion of dark wooden panels, cream-coloured furnishings, and subtle golden accents created an atmosphere of refined elegance. From the plush sofas to the tweed chairs, every element exuded an air of sophistication and comfort, inviting patrons to relax and savour the culinary delights that await. 


While the music seemed misaligned with the restaurant's relaxed vibe, the sophisticated setting offered the perfect stage for a memorable meal. We decided to sit close to the windows to catch all the action outside.

The menu at Dasha is meticulously curated, offering a plethora of dishes that take inspiration from all over China, simultaneously banking on authentic recipes with modern twists. From the complex and savoury Peking Duck to the delectable handmade Dim Sum, the restaurant serves up a range of flavours and techniques that are truly boundless.

Spoilt for choice, we let the kitchen decide our menu for the night, beginning with a delightful assortment of starters. The Wagyu Beef Roll, filled with gnocchi mushrooms, showcased Chef Akira Back's mastery with its tender beef enveloped in a harmonious blend of spices and complemented by edible flowers.


Dumpling lovers, Dasha is where you need to be. The Crispy Prawn Dumplings were not only pleasing to look at, but their flavorful prawn filling was encased in a perfect balance of softness and crunch, accompanied by a kick of tangy spice. The Lobster Dumplings, adorned with black caviar, proved to be a highlight, striking the perfect balance of spicy flavours with an undeniable decadence.

The Soup Dumplings offered a burst of flavours. The waiters informed us that the correct way to devour them would be to put the dumpling on a soup spoon, poke it with a chopstick and slurp the soup that oozes out. To enjoy the rest, place some garlic and gobble down every prawn and chicken filling morsel before sipping on the rich broth. 


Transitioning to the main course, we were introduced to the famed Angry Chicken. This culinary marvel lived up to its name with its sweet, crispy, and impeccably spiced exterior enveloping tender chicken. Paired with aromatic Dasha Fried Rice and smoky Grilled Broccolini adorned with pistachios, this ensemble showcased the restaurant's prowess in marrying diverse flavours and textures. While the Black Cod offered a tender and flavorful alternative, it was the Angry Chicken that stole the show. 

Despite being satiated, we couldn't resist indulging in the dessert, The Line, a towering confectionery masterpiece inspired by the megaproject under construction in Western Saudi Arabia, boasted layers of wafer-thin crispiness, velvety chocolate mousse and refreshing hints of citrus and tea. This dessert was a fitting conclusion to our culinary odyssey.


If you want to unleash your inner Freddie Mercury, head to the private karaoke rooms, making it the only restaurant in Riyadh to offer such an experience. They're not only private but also stylishly crafted, taking a typically rowdy pastime to a new level. 

Dasha marks one of many openings for Akira Back in the Kingdom. He opened Namu late last year and will open the elevated concept AB Steak House and a branch of Akira Back at 1364 in Riyadh's Diplomatic Quater later this year.

We can't wait to dash back to Dasha in Riyadh (and you should too).

GO: Visit https://dasha.unifiedhospitality.com for more information.