Steampunk-inspired Mac & Enzi opens in Riyadh

Steampunk-inspired Mac & Enzi opens in Riyadh



The restaurant includes a playful story and setting.

Saudi Arabia is bursting with exciting new restaurants. Mac & Enzi in Riyadh is hoping to add something a little different, as it is packed with personality. So, enter the unassuming black door, and you’ll find an intriguing space.

Located on Prince Turki Bin Abdulaziz Al Aw Road, Mac & Enzi is not your traditional restaurant. The creators have built a story around the brand, which follows the fictional family, The Macenzies – hence the name of the restaurant.

The concept is like a cross between The Addams Family and Sherlock Holmes. We are told that the family have a secret, which are assuming is more than just a recipe. One Instagram caption reads: “They are one of the most famous, largest and most mysterious families throughout history”.

When you enter Mac & Enzi, it feels like you’re in a game of Cluedo. The walls are filled with images of books, and black and white photos of The Macenzies. At the centre of the restaurant, there is a bar and open kitchen. So, diners can enjoy the theatrics and watch the chefs at work.

Mac & Enzi’s boasts a retro meets Steampunk décor. The features include a monochromes tiled floor, dark green banquettes and wooden chairs. The attention to detail even extends to the plates, which include images of skeletons in crowns and top hats on them.

So far, Mac & Enzi’s menu has been shrouded in secrecy. We know that the dishes range from Pain Perdu French Toast to The Family Burger. Plus, we spotted fries, mini rolls and salads.

Mac & Enzi is open daily from 4pm to midnight.

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