Thai Soi opens a stylish street food restaurant in Riyadh  

Thai Soi opens a stylish street food restaurant in Riyadh  



The menu includes Thai classics, from Prawn Rolls to Papaya Salad.

If the sound of Pad Thai gets your stomach rumbling, then we have some exciting news. A new Thai restaurant has opened in Riyadh, and it boasts a cool, casual vibe. Thai Soi specialises in Thai street food and brings the flavours of Thailand to Saudi Arabia.

Located in Al Awal Plaza, Takhasussi, you can spot Thai Soi from its eye-catching, red neon logo. Soi translates to "a side street" and emphasises how the concept draws its inspiration from street food. The décor includes floor-to-ceiling windows, which let in lots of light. Sit by the window, countertops or larger tables, which are great for groups.  

Thai Soi’s offerings tick off Thai favourites – we’re talking Pad Thai, Papaya Salad and Prawn Rolls. The menu includes Drunken Noodles, Kai Tod Nam Pa, Larb, Pad Kra Pao and Royal Massaman Curry. Plus, there are pretty plates and cute colourful desserts – a yellow and green Mango Tako, anyone?

Thai Soi prides itself on using fresh ingredients to create authentic flavours. Plus, there is a mocktail list with drinks including a Chatuchak, Mango Boba and Sabai Sabai.

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Thai Soi is in a soft opening phase, and is open daily from 4pm to midnight. Check in with FACT for more details.

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