YAKINIKUMAFIA is redefining grilled meat in Riyadh

YAKINIKUMAFIA is redefining grilled meat in Riyadh



The globally renowned Japanese restaurant has opened its doors at luxury lifestyle destination Via Riyadh.

It takes only two words to instantly intrigue any meat enthusiast – Wagyu beef – so of course, the debut of YAKINIKUMAFIA in Riyadh is cause for celebration. The concept is simple, but genius: the finest marbled Wagyu beef made affordable. Ozaki beef, arguably the best in the world, is served at your own personal grill. Alternatively, diners can sit at the counter for the best view of the experts in action.

Founded by chef Hisato Hamada and built on a foundation of waste minimisation through cutting-edge butchery, YAKINIKUMAFIA has operated an outpost in Hong Kong since 2020. It has been brought to Saudi Arabia by luxury and lifestyle hospitality holding Cool Inc., which is also responsible for the newly opened Madeo and Spago by Wolfgang Puck. While YAKINIKUMAFIA strives to build a dynamic, exciting atmosphere, it also brings an approachable and casual essence, thereby attracting a generally young audience.


The menu is meticulously curated with premium ingredients and prepared by experts in the field. It's ingredient-driven and designed to delve into depths of flavour, always ensuring that Wagyu beef takes centre stage. A wide range of Wagyu cuts aside, the menu also centres on a customisable offering. The show stealer is the rare cut Wagyu paired with signature Wagyu bone broth, koshikari rice, daikon with ponzu, pickled cucumbers, and house original big eye BBQ sauce that is collectively prepared on a state-of-the-art yakiniku grill.

For guests to have a truly immersive dining experience, Yakinikumafia also offers its guests the always popular Omakase experience, which takes place at a chef's table and demonstrates the intricate Migaki process. Depending on the availability of the meat, a different rare cut is offered every day, adding an element of surprise. And complementing the hearty portions of mouthwatering steaks are appetising sides and add-ons like truffle salted edamame, daikon with ponzu, spicy pepper salad, and Wagyu keema curry.


"We are really excited to introduce the concept into the Middle East," says Hamada. "With YAKINIKUMAFIA, we aim to create an ambience of character and a remarkable example of fine-quality food. The fresh quality produce, deep appreciation of its roots, and gourmet yet comfortable aura reverberates through the walls of the restaurant and will be a success in the flourishing culinary culture of Saudi Arabia."

While the restaurant projects exceptional culinary artistry, the upbeat and energetic music brightens the overall ambience. Bold and sombre tones result in a setting rooted in contemporary elegance — as do wooden interiors and stainless-steel appliances. The darker hues and crisp details, meanwhile, make YAKINIKUMAFIA an ideal place for wholesome gatherings and dinners in the Saudi capital.

GO: Visit https://coolinc.com.sa/experiences for more information.