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Riyadh Exit opens a cool camping experience 

The latest addition to Riyadh Season offers traditional and trendy camping.

Pack your bags, Riyadh. There’s a new camping experience in the capital. Riyadh Exit has launched as part of Riyadh Season, and offers camping under the stars. So, if you want to get back to basics, here’s what you need to know. 

Riyadh Exit is a new zone in Riyadh Season, and gives camping a luxurious upgrade. Located 45 minutes from northwest Riyadh, it is located in the heart of the desert. The experience encourages visitors to make the most of the cooler weather. 

Riyadh Exit is divided into different sections. The regular camp is located in an Arabic-inspired setting, and boasts Najdi-style features, from traditional carpets to huts. The camp includes two Najdi tents with sofas, tables and games. Plus, when it gets cold, you can gather around the fireplace.

The VIP camp includes a caravan and a glass tent. When you want to go traditional, there is also an old-school tent. The glass tent includes mod cons, and there is a fireplace. The royal camp is the same, except it can accommodate more people and has a capacity for up to 50 people.

Riyadh Season recently announced the development of BLVD Runway. The experience pays homage to Saudi Arabia as an international destination. The plane-inspired project brings together entertainment on board five specially designed planes. Guests will be able to board the planes for entertainment and restaurants. 

Riyadh Exit’s regular camp starts from SAR 5,000, VIP camping starts from SAR 8,500, and royal camping starts from SAR 9,000. The experience is open daily and starts from 4pm. 

GO: Visit https://riyadhseason.com for more information. 

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