Saudi Arabian Football Federation and adidas unveil fantastic football jerseys

Saudi Arabian Football Federation and adidas unveil fantastic football jerseys



The nation’s footballers star in a new adidas campaign filmed in Riyadh.

We know that football jerseys can be iconic. Whether it’s David Beckham’s Manchester United number 7 or Lionel Messi’s FIFA World Cup Final number 10, these jerseys are statements, sentimental and often sell-out items. So, we were excited to see that adidas has created Saudi Arabian Football Federation home and away jerseys.

Saudi Arabian Football Federation and adidas have announced a four-year partnership. As a part of the new partnership, the sportswear brand has created brand-new jerseys. The tops are inspired by the kingdom’s national emblem – the palm tree, no less – and include white, green and golden touches.

Saudi Arabia adidas

The release comes after Saudi Arabia’s women’s team became an official FIFA ranked nation for the first time. The women’s national team’s jersey features a variation on the palm tree design. Plus, the white away jersey includes dark green sleeves inspired by the country’s flag, and the adidas’ iconic three stripes in gold. 

Bilal Faris, General Manager Middle East and North Africa, explained: “We have ensured that the design of the jerseys embody the country’s goals and growth. We strive to support the federation’s strategy to enhancing access to sports for the country and support emerging talents. As we celebrate the intrinsic relationship between Saudi culture and football, it’s a collection that I’m hoping players and fans can wear with huge pride - on and off the pitch.”

Saudi Arabia adidas

Yasser Al Misehal, President of the Saudi Arabian Football Federation, added: “We’re extremely proud to usher in this new era for Saudi football with the famous three stripes of adidas emblazoned upon our men’s and women’s national team kits. They are a symbol of unity and inspiration, and to see our men, women, boys’ and girls’ players and fans wearing it as one – side to side, shoulder to shoulder – is exactly how football should be.”

Saudi Arabia adidas
adidas’ Weaved as One campaign

adidas also announced the release of its Weaved as One campaign, which pays homage to Saudi Arabian culture, and how football creates communities. The campaign features the team’s players. 

The men’s team players featured include Mohammad Al Owais, Hassan Tambakti, Hattan Bahbri and Abdulelah Al Amri. The women’s team players featured include Farah Jefry, Al Bandari Mubarak and Dalia Adel. 

The campaign follows the players make their way around Riyadh, and share the new jersey with the diverse community. We’re talking camel herders, e-gamers and women motorsports drivers.

The Saudi Arabian Football Federation adidas jerseys are available online and in shops from 23 March.  

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