The Boiling Crab in Riyadh opens with spectacular seafood

The Boiling Crab in Riyadh opens with spectacular seafood



The California-born brand makes its debut in the Saudi capital. 

Get ready to dive into Riyadh’s newest seafood restaurant. The Boiling Crab has opened in Shorofat, Riyadh, and serves classic American-inspired seafood dishes. So if you’re a fan of fresh seafood, especially crab, put this new restaurant on your radar.

The Boiling Crab started life in Garden Grove, California in 2004. Created by American Vietnamese couple, Dada Ngo and Sinh Nguyen, it has a humble origin story. Sinh drew inspiration from where he grew up – Seadrift, Texas. Home to a population of just 2,000 people, it’s also where fishermen would catch oysters, crabs and shrimp all year round. 

When the couple decided to open the seafood restaurant, it was described as offering the “best tail in town”. The restaurant can now be found across the United States, as there are 20 venues in California and further venues in Honolulu, Las Vegas and Washington DC. Plus, there are venues internationally in Shangai, Melbourne and, of course, now Riyadh. 

The Boiling Crab in Riyadh serves clams, lobster, shrimp, snow crab legs, king crab legs, and mussels. The seasoning includes cajun, lemon pepper and garlic sauce. If you would like your fish fried, it is hand-tossed in homemade butter and served with cajun fries. The fried menu includes crab, bonito fish, shrimp, chicken and calamari. 

This is a casual dining spot – think plastic aprons, so you can dig into your dishes. Great for groups, the restaurant includes long tables. Plus, it is decorated with pictures of fish on the walls and a hanging shark.

The Boiling Crab in Riyadh is open daily from 4pm to midnight. 

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