The world’s largest anime city is open at Riyadh Season

The world’s largest anime city is open at Riyadh Season



Check out cool anime-inspired games, gardens and grub. 

Do you know your Totoro from your Sailor Moon? Well, you’ll be excited to hear that the world’s largest anime city is opening at Riyadh Season. Anime Town Japan is located in Boulevard World, and will include plenty of fun-filled experiences for anime fans.

Anime Town Japan spans four zones, which cover exhibitions, gaming experiences, shops and fairs. Zone one includes 11 anime exhibitions, 350 shows, 25 entertainment experiences and even anime-inspired food. Zone two includes six gaming experiences, a shopping street and a mini market. Zone three includes an Akihabara game centre (which draws inspiration from the anime-friendly district in Tokyo), an anime exhibition, Japanese horror house, robots and parties. Plus, zone four includes four fairs, Yokohori Theatre and Championships and Yatai Garden.

Anime can trace its origins as far back as the earliest 20th century in Japan. By the mid 1930s, it was a well-established art form and Momataro: Sacred Sailors is credited as being the first full-length anime feature film. Today, anime characters, with their distinctly oversized eyes, brightly coloured hair and exaggerated expressions, have become exported across the world.

Japanese anime has a huge fan base in Saudi Arabia. The kingdom recently hosted the Saudi Anime Exhibition, the largest anime expo in the Middle East. Plus, the Manga Production Company, a subsidiary of the country’s MiSK Foundation, recently created its first anime film. The Journey was inspired by Arabian folklore and Islamic history, and follows Aus as he defends the Kaaba, one of the most sacred Islamic sites, when it comes under attack.

Anime Town Japan is all part of Riyadh Season 2022, which kicked off on 21 October and continues into early 2023. This year’s theme ‘Beyond Imagination’ reflects its ambition to bring the best arts, culture and entertainment to the capital. What makes Riyadh Season special is that it truly has something for everyone. The festival welcomes A-listers, from celebrity chefs to singing sensations, but it also has niche events ranging from a superhero village to folk art.

It’s time to paint the town, anime-style.  

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