Saudi Arabia sets sail with its first-ever cruise line

Saudi Arabia sets sail with its first-ever cruise line



AROYA Cruises is here to make some serious waves.

Saudi Arabia has been making waves in the tourism world; this time, it's adding a literal touch. The Kingdom has just launched AROYA Cruises, the first-ever Arab cruise line brought to you by Cruise Saudi. This adventure ride, fueled by the Public Investment Fund, is all about giving Saudi locals, expats and tourists an out-of-this-world experience - exploring the wonders of Saudi Arabia, right from the sea.

Lars Clasen, the CEO of Cruise Saudi, is calling it a historic milestone in Saudi Arabia's quest to create the ultimate premium cruise experience. And that means it's time to buckle up because AROYA Cruises is about to take you on a wild ride. Brace yourself for a showcase of Saudi Arabia's rich cultural heritage, natural beauty and the warmest hospitality you can imagine.

Now let's talk about the name AROYA - it's a mash-up of Arabian and roya, which means vision or dream. The name captures the vibe of the brand-new cruise line which is all about spoiling you with top-notch facilities and an epic shoreline excursion program.

AROYA Cruises is still putting the final touches on its schedules and packages. But they're planning to reveal all the details very soon. And guess what? This launch aligns perfectly with Cruise Saudi's master plan which aims to welcome 1.3 million cruise passengers every single year by the time 2035 rolls around. Talk about setting sail on a massive adventure.

And that's not all. This project will create some serious job opportunities - we're talking 50,000 jobs in the tourism sector.

AROYA Cruises is all part of Saudi Arabia's master plan to diversify its offerings and make a splash on the global tourism stage by the end of this decade. So, pack your bags, grab your sea legs and get ready to sail away on a one-of-a-kind adventure to see the Kingdom from a different lens. Bon voyage.

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