Watch the thrilling theatrical show Terhal in Diriyah

Watch the thrilling theatrical show Terhal in Diriyah



The original production opens with acrobats and aerialists.

Let the theatrics begin. Saudi Arabia’s Diriyah is welcoming a new show, Terhal. The production celebrates the history and culture of the Kingdom and runs from 2 to 19 March. 

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Culture and the international production company Dragone are behind Terhal in Diriyah. The dazzling show has been created specifically for the Kingdom, from its original script to the purpose-built theatre.

The teaser trailer shows a combination of dramatic music, dance groups and death-defying stunts. Visitors will be wowed by the acrobats and aerial artists, all creating elaborate set pieces and making the most of the vast stage. Plus, the cast includes 60 Saudi performers and 60 international performers from 20 different countries.

Terhal in Diriyah tells the story of a young student called Saad, who lives in the heart of Riyadh. As he travels the world (and time), he discovers that the key to the future lies in the county’s past. 

Anna Robb, Dragone’s Chief Operating Officer, explains: “Dragone’s work is rooted in the foundation of creating shows with social impact. It was Franco’s direction and wish for us to collaborate with Saudi artists. Seeing international artists perform side by side with local artists and watching them learn from and inspire each other demonstrates to me that this is more than just a show; it’s an evolution”.

Diriyah is located approximately 14 minutes north of Riyadh and is famous for being the original capital of Saudi Arabia. During the 18th and 19th century, it was home to the founder of the first Saudi state, Mohammed bin Saud.

Terhal in Diriyah starts at 8pm and ends at 11pm. Tickets are on sale now. General admission prices start from SAR 200. VIP prices start from SAR 500.

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