Admire handicrafts and Woven Wonders at Hayy Jameel

Admire handicrafts and Woven Wonders at Hayy Jameel



The Jeddah arts centre showcases traditional carpets. 

If you’re after your next culture fix, head down to Hayy Jameel in Jeddah. The arts centre has announced its latest exhibition, Woven Wonders. Running from 12 March to 12 April, it brings together a range of antique carpets, which showcase the history and heritage of the region.

Woven Wonders in Hayy Jameel gives visitors the chance to look at traditional carpets close-up, which boast bold, beautiful designs. The exhibition includes pieces from the 19th century, which range from Bidjar Garrus to White Bakhshayesh with a mosque design. Highlights also include Shushtar Klim, Ottoman Mudjuur, and the Prayer Belouch. 

Hayy Jameel may have only opened in 2021, but it is already one of the most buzzing galleries in the city. If you’re looking for things to do in Jeddah, then visit this great multipurpose arts space. Located in Al Muhammadiyah District, it holds exhibitions, screenings and workshops. Not only is it home to a 700 square metre museum, but also the country’s first-ever indie cinema. 

Lookout for Hayy Matsuri: A Japanese Cultural Festival, which is currently underway. As a part of the festival, there are film screenings including The Journey on 16 March, After the Storm on 17 March, Our Little Sister on 18 March and The Third Master on 19 March. 

Plus, other exciting exhibitions in the kingdom include FAME: Andy Warhol in AlUla, which runs until 16 May. The event has been produced in collaboration with The Andy Warhol Museum, which holds the largest collection of the artist’s work and is curating this special exhibition for AlUla’s Maraya. 

 Culture awaits. 

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