Gadget Review: Lumen metabolism tracker

Gadget Review: Lumen metabolism tracker



The new Lumen device claims to hack your metabolism. I spent two weeks putting it to the test...

I have to admit that I was a little sceptical when the Lumen arrived at my door. A first in the health and wellness market, Lumen promises to hack your metabolism so that you know exactly what (and when) to eat to help improve your metabolic flexibility and support fat burn.

Tearing into the packaging, I'm met with a sleek box that is beautifully branded with a simple illuminated font. Lifting the lid, the handheld device that will become my companion for the coming weeks is neatly packed inside.

It all starts with a breath! Grasping the small handheld device that sits comfortably in my palm and via the assistance of a colourful and user-friendly smartphone application, I'm taught how to breathe into the device. The process involves inhaling through the device, holding my breath for ten seconds, and then steadily exhaling through the Lumen until I see a soothing green ring appear on the screen. It sounds simple, but it takes some perseverance to perfect the technique that enables Lumen to receive an accurate reading. 

Once I've mastered the breathing, the magic happens! Using an in-built CO2 sensor and flow meter to determine the carbon dioxide concentration of a single breath, Lumen uses this data to indicate the type of fuel my body uses to produce energy - a mix of fat or carbohydrates. 

Lumen metabolism tracker

Each breath is analysed before giving a score on a scale of one to five on a handy graph, informing me if my body is running on energy from my fat stores (the 'fat burning' one or two indicators), the carbs I've recently consumed (a four or five), or a combination of both (a three). The latter is where I find myself most mornings. 

Lumen is like having my very own nutritionist in my pocket. Providing me with personalised suggestions on when and what to eat to fuel my workouts, based upon my metabolism and to assist in move myself into the all-important fat-burning zone

With Lumen's daily insights, I'm able to improve my body's ability to shift between using fats or carbs as an energy source in a matter of weeks. Using the device to take readings when I wake up, after I exercise and after I eat, is cumbersome at times but soon becomes part of my daily routine.

Used in conjunction with the smartphone applications daily tracking system, nutrition plans and insights, I find it a convenient and helpful adjustment for my wellness regime.

Lumen metabolism tracker

It takes a couple of weeks for the Lumen metabolism tracker to fully sync with my daily routine, but once I enter into what Lumen refers to as the 'flex score', I'm able to determine if I have enough energy before a workout or if I need to fuel up. I can also track my metabolism, sleep, nutrition, and fitness data all in one place, providing me with an incentive to sustain results.

The Lumen metabolism tracker comes equipped with a travel case, charging dock, USB-C Cable, and Premium Customer Support. Users can download the app for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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