Bose’s new Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 come with a sleeker look and feature tech that you never imagined possible. For connoisseurs of music, podcasts and general good sound, FACT puts the headphones through the paces…

Featuring the biggest leap forward in headphones since the iconic QuietComfort models, the new and long-awaited Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 is a complete redesign of Bose’s popular predecessor. With a fresh blueprint, improved sound quality, a touch-sensitive gesture pad for playback controls, and even USB-C charging, this is truly a feat for Bose. The headphones are a delight to use. They have been upgraded in every manner — and, trust us, you’ll feel the difference; a streamlined, lightweight stainless-steel headband with soft, angled earcups provides a perfect, comfortable fit. The underside of the headband features an ultra-soft gel foam material that sits neatly on your head. (And it won’t snag a single hair, either - bonus.)

The new microphones let you hear the world around you, on your terms. Bose’s 700 debuts new pioneering technologies to magically transform the same public spaces into private rooms for talking with friends, family, and virtual personal assistants (Siri, Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa), as the new microphones are designed to pick up your voice better and also to reduce the noise around.

Now, people can hear you better in noisier environments. On one of our quick trips to a very busy supermarket, we were able to stay on the phone usine the headphones with ease and no distruptions to the call or conversation. In fact, the sounds was crystal clear - like being in your own world whilst surrounded by shoppers, and everyday chaos!

You can personalise your environment with 11 levels of noise cancellation. As you increase the noise cancellation, you incrementally minimise the distractions you hear in loud places. Or, decrease it to the point where you hear the world as if you weren’t wearing active noise cancelling headphones at all.

For quick interruptions, press a button for Conversation Mode to pause the music and let surrounding noise in — just perfect to quickly place a coffee order or checkout your groceries at the cashier’s till.

Another key improvement includes a new touch interface with intuitive gesture-based controls. There’s also the Bose AR. A first-of-its-kind audio augmented reality platform that makes astonishing new audio experiences possible by helping you stay connected to your digital world and stay engaged in the physical world at the same time. Combining the power of wearable audio products, mobile devices and integrated apps, Bose AR unlocks the potential to experience fundamentally new ways to travel, exercise, learn and more by augmenting your world with content for your ears instead of your eyes.

Offering maximum performance together with a beautiful, sophisticated design, the Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 are the ultimate companion for everyday life. ✤