We heart Apple’s new emojis on iPhone iOS 16.4

We heart Apple’s new emojis on iPhone iOS 16.4



From maracas to moose, here are the new emojis that have put a smile on our faces.

Neanderthals had rock art, Egyptians had hieroglyphs and we have emojis. The language for millennials and Gen Z is now expanding, as Apple has announced the launch of 31 new graphics. So, if you’re lost for words, let the emojis do the talking.

Just as the Oxford English Dictionary introduces new words, Apple introduces new emojis. So, we’re excited at Apple’s new iOS 16.4 developer beta that will fix bugs and add new features, which include the all-important new graphics.

Apple’s emoji additions include a smile, a shaking head, animals and love hearts. The emoji that has caused the most excitement is the pink love heart. Plus, there are light blue and black love hearts. 

The new animal emojis include a blackbird, donkey, goose, jellyfish and moose. Object emojis include a flute, folding hand fan, hair pick and maracas. Plus, the new food options include a piece of ginger and a pea pod.

New emojis

In Apple’s bid to ensure the graphics are inclusive, a Sikh khanda has been added and the new hand gestures come in different skin tones. The hand emoji includes a rightward pushing hand and a leftward pushing hand. In total, there are 12 variations on the hand emoji.

Emojis date back to 1997, when they were created for Japanese mobile phones. During the 2010s, they were added to many mobile phone operating systems. Now, they are a widely understood language across the world. So much so, that the Oxford English Dictionary’s Word of the Year was the face with tears of joy. 

Over the years, emojis have also caused controversy. Most recently, the thumbs up emoji has been called out for being passive aggressive.

How do you feel about the new additions to the emojis? Is it a clapping hands or thumbs down? 

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