Learn bouldering, auto-belaying and top-roping at CLYMB Abu Dhabi

Learn bouldering, auto-belaying and top-roping at CLYMB Abu Dhabi



Reach new heights at Yas Island’s indoor adventure hub. 

Measuring a mountainous 138 feet in height, CLYMB Abu Dhbai proudly features the regions tallest indoor climbing wall, but did you know that the indoor adventure hub offers dedicated climbing courses?

Guests looking for an introduction to climbing can now learn and master new climbing techniques, take on challenging routes and put their skills to the test by manoeuvring across dynamic walls and conquering new heights. Ideal for adventurous of all ages, these new courses provide those without any prior climbing experience the opportunity to take up a new hobby and learn bouldering, auto-belaying and top-roping courses in the process.

Bouldering and auto-belaying group courses run for four hours and 30 minutes and include teachings and practical implementation of climbing methods. Available every Saturday from 1pm until 5:30pm. The thrilling course provides new climbers with the knowledge and experience needed to boulder and auto-belay without supervision. 

Once climbers have mastered the basics of bouldering and auto-belaying, the next step is to learn how to top-rope. This nine-hour course takes place over two days and teaches participants how to tie a figure-eight knot, belay and climb while being belayed. The Course is available every Thursday from 4pm until 8pm and on Fridays from 1pm until 5:30pm.

CLYMB Abu Dhabi

As Abu Dhabi’s first custom-built climbing centre, CLYMB Abu Dhabi is a unique family-friendly attraction with expert instructors and extensive safety equipment on hand. 

CLYMB Abu Dhabi offers varying levels of difficulty in both skydiving and climbing for guests of all competency levels to reach new heights. Home to the Guinness World Record World’s Largest Indoor Skydiving Flight Chamber at 32 feet wide and 104 feet high, CLYMB Abu Dhabi also houses five climbing walls. The pinnacle of which is The SUMMYT, offering thirteen routes allowing intrepid explorers to scale the 42-meter high wall, the world’s tallest.

The bouldering, auto-belaying and top-roping courses are available for purchase online. 

GO: Visit www.clymbabudhabi.com for more information.