Hotel Indigo Dubai Downtown opens a Satwa-inspired cocktail bar, Off The Wall

Hotel Indigo Dubai Downtown opens a Satwa-inspired cocktail bar, Off The Wall



Expertly crafted cocktails, Pan Asian flavours and the vibrancy of Satwa come together at this new venue.

Off the Wall is a new urban cocktail bar that has opened at Hotel Indigo Dubai Downtown and pays homage to the bright lights and bustling streets of Dubai's Satwa neighbourhood. 

Full of character, the bar's entrance is lit from the ceiling by the light installation "Tokyo meet Dubai" designed by locally based artist Maxime Cramatte of Satwa 3000. The installation is a fusion of Tokyo craziness and Satwa's inspired design, that creates a powerful entrance experience with a futuristic twist. 

Upon entering the bar, guests will find the artworks of Syrian artist Baseen Rayynes who has painted two of his striking murals directly on to the walls either side of the bar. The remainder of the walls feature a distressed brick effect, upon which is layered the Graffiti artwork by Paul Bruwer of The Domino art collective. 

The creative energy flows not only in the street art on the walls but also in the bar and cocktail menu. The team of mixologists push their creative boundaries for modern bartending and are ready to serve up imaginative beverages full of unusual flavour combinations and multi-sensory presentations. All signature cocktails are inspired by the prominent art pieces from around the world, and the beverage menu revolves around creativity and artistic values with a storytelling element.

Curated cocktail craftsmanship is at the forefront of the Off The Wall experience. Guests can expect to see traditional Arabic ingredients provided a unique modern twist, like a fig skin ink applied as a paint on the cocktail glasses. There are no boundaries of creativity at Off The Wall, whether it is the integration of home-made elements or adapting culinary techniques borrowed from the kitchen. 

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