Junk in Al Quoz blends a nightclub with the challenge of exercise

Junk in Al Quoz blends a nightclub with the challenge of exercise



JUNK is part nightclub, part fitness club.

The digital fitness boom instigated by the pandemic may be here to stay, but nothing can compete with the sense of community and satisfaction that comes with working out at a physical location. Now, a funky new gym by the name of JUNK is seamlessly blending the energy of a nightclub with the challenge of exercise – think: no-frills fitness that's actually fun.

Situated in Al Quoz, it aims to transform the concept of fitness, featuring electrifying visuals, LED interiors, and a state-of-the-art sound system to keep energy levels soaring. Expert trainers and instructors will take the lead in guiding each guest through gruelling workouts, while the sound system plays a bit of musical roulette. With a random selection from a range of genres – 90s R&B, classics, pop, rave and even house – JUNK ensures every class is charged up with tunes to power each workout to the fullest. Fusing the exhilarating feeling of the beat pulsing through a nightclub with a passion for well-being, it's set to be a prime fitness destination in a city where gym goers of any calibre will leave feeling spent and satisfied.

The wide range of classes offered at JUNK are guaranteed to get guests of any fitness level working up a sweat. Quad-burning spin, high intensity boot camps, boxing, dancing – there's a session for everyone. The selection of classes includes Beatbox (box fit), RE-Cycle (spin), DanceFit (dance/cardio), RE-Boot (high-intensity conditioning bootcamp), and Yoga. While exercise is a focus at JUNK, the journey here is all about health and wellness, so its team of experts can assist members in developing a 360-degree plan to achieve their goals, ticking all the boxes from nutrition to fitness. Incidentally, JUNK is offering a week's trial of unlimited classes to those looking to get a taste of the city's trendiest new gym for a limited time only. Following the free week of fitness, founding members will get an incredible discount on a membership at almost a third of the full price for unlimited classes per month.

JUNK in Al Quoz

Those interested in joining can use their flexible credit system – each credit affords guests one class. Packages include one class for AED 100, three classes for AED 250, six classes for AED 350, ten classes for AED 450, and unlimited monthly access to all classes for AED 499. Co-founder Christ Wright says, "We wanted to bring our two passions together and create something completely unique, and we believe we've achieved that. JUNK is about recapturing some of those elements that we lost over the past two years, the energy and complete freedom of nightlife in a friendly, inclusive and inspiring setting."

GO: Visit www.junk-dubai.com or WhatsApp 052 502 0267 for more information.