3 tips to achieve mental strength and build a positive mindset on World Mental Health Day

3 tips to achieve mental strength and build a positive mindset on World Mental Health Day



As the effects of the pandemic continue to add on to the stresses of everyday life along with uncertainty around a 'new normal', it can take a toll on our physical and mental wellbeing. On 10 October, we celebrate World Mental Health Day by raising awareness on the importance of psychological well-being, encouraging people to openly talk about their feelings, and drive the conversation around mental health. This year, let's look at three tips that can help us enhance our mental strength and cultivate a positive mindset. 

Building a positive mindset

The first step in enhancing mental strength and managing stress more effectively is to focus on building a strong and positive mindset. This could help you feel excited about activities that you usually find daunting by reinforcing how much fun the activity will be or how much better you would feel at the end of it. Small changes like these will help enhance your mental health and empower you to manage your lifestyle efficiently. 

World Mental Health Day

Rebuilding routines

As our bodies and mind typically function on a 24-hour (circadian) cycle, it is beneficial to re-establish a daily routine as much as possible. Introducing routines will help you feel less overwhelmed as you tend to have more control over your days and how you manage your time. While scheduling your day, try to include time for some of your favourite hobbies or some time just for relaxing. Bonus points if your hobby includes staying active or getting outdoors. 

World Mental Health Day

Physical activity & self-care

Adopting an active lifestyle is a good way to manage stress and can encourage a sense of accomplishment which combined can support your mental health. Additionally, self-care is another important tool that many of us tend to forget or neglect and can be a helpful remedy to relieve stress or anxiety. Sleeping well, eating healthy, and setting some quality time for yourself, are all key self-care actions one must remember to follow.

World Mental Health Day

Modern-day wearables offer solutions to enhance this process by helping you stay active and fit while keeping track of your stress levels and heart rates. Recent launches of advanced smartwatches and fitness trackers have made advanced features like stress management with EDA sensors, heart health notifications, and mindfulness tools much more accessible. 

Additionally, Premium memberships on wearables could unlock plenty of mindfulness sessions from providers like Calm or Deepak Chopra Mindfulness Method that could help you get access to ways to manage stress within the comfort of your home. 

This World Mental Health Day, we could all gain by taking a step back, relaxing, and checking in on how we are feeling, and ultimately taking small steps that can drive long-lasting, positive change. 

Written by Prateek Kewalramani, Head of Marketing, Fitbit - MEA at Google.